Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - The First Time

In three seasons of Glee, I've only missed watching three episodes at air time. Once when my husband and I went to a hockey game, and the last two episodes.

See, I decided to go back to school to work on another Master's degree. Because one wasn't enough. If I knew that decision was going to infringe on my Glee-watching time for the next eight weeks, I might have chosen a hobby instead. Like latch-hooking.

I just got home, and thanks to my wonderful husband who took screenshots of Emma's outfits with his phone and texted them to me in class, at least I can see what she wore.

This one was easy:

Kate Spade Anemone Josie Dress - no longer available

Polka Dot City!

What's that blouse she's wearing with the red J.Crew double-serge pencil skirt? I have no idea, but we need to find out. The sweater looks vaguely F21. Drop me an email or leave a comment if you recognize either one of these pieces, please!?

Update: Thanks to my good friend The Possessionista, who got the scoop from Glee stylist Lou Eyrich, the sweater is Red Valentino, and the blouse is Valentino Roma. (Thanks to an anonymous WWEPWer for the link to the cardigan in black!)

LOVING the hair. So old Hollywood.

And now to avoid spoilers until I can watch the episode sometime tomorrow. Was it as good as everyone expected?

For more Glee fashion, get Rachel and Quinn's clothes in "The First Time" from fashion blog Possessionista!


Barbee said...

What a wonderful husband to text you pictures of her outfits! I agree, Emma's hair was A+ in this episode!

Kailee said...

It was SUCH a good episode. loved it! You can watch it on sidereel right now if you want. And thanks for posting the outfits! I absolutely loved Emma wearing that Kate Spade dress. I think it added some spontaneity to her style.

Emily Joyce said...

That was so sweet of your husband! I love the scarf Emma's wearing.

Anonymous said...

what about the belt she was wearing with that dress during the performance?

Anonymous said...

The sweater is from the fall/winter RED Valentino line. I found it here: http://store.valentino.com/REDValentino/detail/tskay/B60ACEA7/cod10/39232090KC but only in the black, not the white.