Saturday, October 22, 2011

Would Emma Wear It? - Anthropologie Sweaters

Anthropologie has some new sweaters in stock. Will we see them on a certain guidance counselor in the future? You be the judge.

Gemini Cardigan - $88 (also comes in blue)

Gossamer True Cardigan - $78

Kites and Constellations Cardigan - $118

Preppy Pleats Pullover - $88

Tweeded Pullover - $390

I'm in love with the Gemini Cardigan. Both of the colors are so very Emma.


Tea said...

Love the gemini cardi too! But I'm voting no on the kites and constellations cardi because I really want to see Emma in the trace the stars blouse :)

CARRIE said...

Oh, I love that kites and constellations cardigan! It would look so perfect with a bow blouse.

Heather said...

They are all Emma. Love to have them all myself.