Monday, May 23, 2011

Etsy Shops - The Emma Collection on Bear and the Honeybee

Regular readers of WWEPW will no doubt recognize Leigh's signature necklaces from her Etsy shop, Bear and the Honeybee.

Leigh has created a wonderful new collection, inspired by different outfits worn by Emma Pillsbury on Glee. Take a look...

The Emma Collection

There's even a special bonus necklace for Rachel fans.

Be sure to check out each necklace to see the outfit that inspired it!

Leigh has offered a 10% discount on any item - use coupon code WWEPW10 to redeem.

I can't decide which necklace I love best. Which is your favorite?

(This is not a sponsored post.)


hurricanekerrie said...

Beautiful pieces! Thanks for sharing. :)

Emily Joyce said...


Polly said...

Love these! Just ordered a similar beaded necklace from Stella Dot which was much more expensive. I just ordered one of the Bear and Honeybee necklaces (not pictured here but on the Etsy site). Thanks for the discount and for showing these!

NewlyMintedSurgeon said...

I love the collection but then again Etsy has always provided beautiful collections. Goldis Jewelry The NY House of Jewellry and Design