Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Style - Target Palooza

I love when Emma Pillsbury wears clothes from Target. In the real world, that's where she's probably shop.

I spied a bunch of new things today on my quest for popcorn and fabric softener. Take a look!

Merona Collection Phiona Skirt - $29.99
Blue eyelet-y goodness.
Merona Collection Blaine Skirt - $24.99
A skirt and an adorable Warbler. You can't go wrong.

Merona Collection Nora Skirt - $26.99
The photo doesn't do it justice - a great print in a fabulous muted tone.
Merona Collection Marta Knit Dress - $34.99
I just love this print.

Merona Collection Benny Dobby Dress - $39.99
Just don't throw it one of your socks. Har har.
Merona Americana Artist Dress in Red Gingham - $24.99
The Emma Pillsbury "summer vacation dress."

Merona Collection Donna Dress - $39.99 (also in Plus Size and Petite)
So cute on the hanger. A must-have for all sizes.
Merona Collection Doreen Dress - $39.99

Merona Collection Women's Paige Cardigan - $32.99
Would look awesome with the Nora skirt.
Merona Collection Anna Lucille Cardigan - $32.99
A knit version of Emma's eyelet jacket.

Merona Collection Melanine Ruffle Front Cardigan
- $29.99
Horrible name. Cute sweater.
Merona Collection Paige Cardigan - $29.99
Better name. Cute sweater.

Merona Collection Paige Cardigan - $29.99
The print is a bit dizzying, but it works.
Merona Collection Shantelle Cardigan - $29.99
Pretty neckline, pretty color.

Merona Collection Paige Cardigan - $20.98
A bold print that would go with any solid pencil skirt.

Your favorites?


Jessica said...

Ha! I bought the Dobby dress and Paige cardigan thinking of Emma!

ST said...

I love the blue skirt and the yellow dress. I am thinking I might need to buy them ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually wearing the Artist Dress while reading this, but it looks like I might have to go back for the Benny Dobby Dress.

Anonymous said...

I bought the Doreen dress last week, on clearance for $9.99 at my Target. It is really well made, fully lined! I couldn't find it on the Target site when I looked. Thanks for the link.
Tamra in CO

Jennifer said...

Thanks for giving us some budget friendly Emma-inspired ideas. I just bought the Paige cardigan - so cute! :-)

Peggy said...

Love this feature. 90% of my wardrobe is Target! I already have the Americana dress in red gingham, and I am swooning over the Donna dress, but waiting for a markdown. Today I got the Paige in navy/white lattice for $7! Excited about that one!

Hoya94 said...

I have the Nora skirt and you're right. That skirt is gorgeous and the picture doesn't do it justice. Great addition to any wardrobe.