Sunday, May 15, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Style - Polka Dot Dress

If you like Emma's polka dot Take Action Dress from Blame It On The Alcohol,

you might like this dress.

Across The Land Dress from Anthropologie - $138


playmobil farm said...

Why not? It seems like she's good in handling whatever kind of clothes given to her.

Double Glazing said...

If you love the playful whimsy of polka dots, pick up these black and white polka dot dresses. These lovely choices in black and white polka dot dresses will look so amazing on you. Fun, playful, and totally fashionable, these designs will showcase your incredible sense of style!

Double Glazing said...

I watched her play emma pilsbury in glee and she really has a quite different fashion style. I love some of the dresses she wore except for those cardigans.

plumbing said...

I always appreciate polka dress or shirts. I love the design.