Monday, April 25, 2011

Channeling Emma - Jamie

Jamie reveals her inner Emma Pillsbury in two lovely looks...

But if you think she's done channeling Emma, think again. Jamie has started her own fashion blog...

I Look Good Today

Here's what Jamie shared with me as she embarked on her new blogging endeavor:
"It will be a fashion type blog as well as a blog that I hope will bring inspiration. I say that because it will have myself in it showing that although I may have a disability and am in a wheelchair, looking fabulous and loving fashion is still as important."
Loving fashion? Check.

Looking fabulous? Check.

Bringing inspiration? Check.

Be sure to give Jamie some love over at I Look Good Today...because she totally does. Every day.


Jamie said...

Thank you so much Danielle for highlighting my new blog. I hope your readers will come on by to follow me too :)

Aamba said...

Wonderful! I know there can be some unique challenges to mixing clothes and wheelchairs, I look forward to your observations! You look very chic in those pictures :)

Anonymous said...