Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Would Emma Wear It? - Kate Spade Palooza

At Kate Spade, yellow is the new pink. New arrivals in sherbet colors might be the perfect addition to Emma Pillsbury's closet. Or yours.

Pineapple Cardigan - $295
Studs and Rope Kati Cardigan - $295 (also in coral)
Villa Adelle Tunic - $265
Daffodil Valerie Jacket - $395

Pineapple Print Top - $245
Bow Tank - $95
Sunny Kolette Skirt - $295
Terrazzo Sandra Skirt - $225

Terrazzo Marie Dress - $395
Terrazzo Aubrey Wrap - $375
Paley Paisley Naomi Dress - $425

Embellished Anette Dress - $445
Vanilla Josie Dress - $495
Sunny Elaine Dress - $425

Printed Hilary Dress - $395
Faye Damask Dress - $395
Terrazzo Dana Dress - $325

Date Night Ring - $55
Enchanted Garden Ring - $95
Crystal Confection Ring - $73

Enchanted Garden Necklace - $145
Pineapple Grove Pendant - $75
Enchanted Garden Bib Necklace - $275

Emma's must-haves:
Pineapple Cardigan
Studs and Rope Cardigan
Terrazzo Sandra Skirt
Pineapple Grove Pendant

Which would you add to Emma's wardrobe?

(More Kate Spade Paloozas coming up soon!)


Sarah said...

Yes. Yes yes yes to all. I only wish I had Emma's wardrobe budget! And her closet.

Kathleen said...

Love it all! I wish I could afford to wear it!

Getthebubbles said...

darn Kate Spade and their cute clothes at expensive prices!!

Tea said...

I've always loved the Kolette skirt and I think Emma should have it in the sunny yellow! I think the enchanted garden ring is fun too and if Emma didn't already have her primrose garden necklace I'd say the coral enchanted garden necklace would be perfect :)

Sarahnargle said...

Daffodil Valerie Jacket all the way, man.

Kerry said...

I have been a lurker for a few months now, but had to just let you know I now own my very first piece of Pillsbury goodness!

I found the Forever 21 rose cardigan in red (my favourite colour) online and it arrived today. I am in LOVE.

To truly understand how amazing this is, you must know that I AM IN NEW ZEALAND. We don't even have eBay to play around on!

P.S: Feel free to ignore my NZ spelling of words :-)

Mo said...

LOVE kate spade!
My Mom wore a bright blue version of the sunny kolette skirt to my wedding, and it was really cute and flattering. I think it's a beautiful piece and now I want it in yellow!