Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Glee Fashion - Win the Chastity Charm Necklace from Sexy

Look. There's nothing wrong with being afraid of the hosemonster.

Or thinking Afternoon Delight is a dessert.

If you're like Emma and you prefer your nooners to be of the saccharine variety, this contest is for you.

My friend Dana, better known as The Possessionista, got the inside scoop on Emma's chastity necklaces, commissioned exclusively from RyanRyan Jewelry by Glee's prop director Paul Breninger. She's asked me to partner with her on this very exciting contest...

One lucky winner is going to get her own Glee Chastity Charm - a heart shaped sterling silver charm on an 18", 24" or 30" chain with a small key - from RyanRyan before they're even available to the public.

Head on over to The Possessionista's contest page to enter.

And remember - wait to have relations until you're comfortable. Maybe until your honeymoon. Maybe even later. Celibacy, ladies! Dig it!


Anonymous said...

Lol! Emma was hilarious in this episode... so naive, even for her. "Afternoon Delight" was awesome. The song, dance moves, clothes, pictures of the pies on the background, all of it - comedy gold.

Anonymous said...

I felt sorry for her in this episode. She's the only character (save for coach Beast) who kept her dignity and morals at all times. She was wise. Now she's in the deep, poor thing.
The necklace is really cute, though I am not a fan of double layering (the key seems to be on a really short string), but I'm sure it looks great on :)

Sarahnargle said...

Remember: You get tensies for the mensies!

Claire said...

Oh how cute! I can't wait till that ep screens over here!


AmyB said...

The whole time I kept thinking about how she got from kissing and cuddling Carl in her office to no touchy touchy.
Then I kept thinking how Emma just needs to get the deed done, like, a good roll in the hay.
Then I starting thinking "hay, hay, roll in ze hay" ala Teri Garr.
Then I had to look up a clip of Teri Garr and it turned into a whole "if you give a mouse a cookie" scenario.