Saturday, February 12, 2011

Would Emma Wear It? - Kate Spade-palooza

Since the sneak peek of Emma Pillsbury wearing the Kate Spade Floral Josie dress in Comeback, my head has been swimming with ideas of lovely Kate Spade clothes, hanging in Emma's closet and waiting to be seen. Sale items from winter and new arrivals for spring are popping up like crocuses - which ones might Emma wear during the second half of season 2? I've got a few ideas, and "squirt ratings," (with a few "gold stars" for Rachel) of course.


Houndstooth Lola Skirt - $295
I love anything houndstooth. This would look amazing on camera. 5 squirts
Tweed Kylie Skirt - $295
Pink tweed? Yes, please. 5 squirts
Jacquard Julie Skirt - $275
I've said things were "too shimmery" for Emma in the past, and then they've turned up on the show. The color of this skirt is fabulous. 4 squirts

Mod Squad Kylie Skirt - $245
Love it, but perhaps a bit too mod for Miss Pillsbury's taste. 3 squirts
Striped Piper Skirt - $245
The skirt version of the Milly sweater. 3 squirts
Solid Piper Skirt - $245
Simple and feminine. 3 squirts

Mercury Haley Skirt - $129
Reminds me so much of Rachel's Marc Jacobs skirt from the Pilot. More Rachel than Emma, but still - houndstooth = drool. 5 gold stars
Helena A Line Skirt - $275
Classic. Goes with everything. This skirt is a wardrobe investment. 5 squirts
Janelle Skirt - $123
The color and silhouette scream Emma Pillsbury. And on sale. 5 squirts

Cardigans and Sweaters

Kati Jeweled Cardigan - $295
Um, yes. I would love to see what Kathleen from Grosgrain would do with this sweater. 5 squirts
Intarsia Bow Cardigan - $245
If she doesn't wear this, I'll be heartbroken. 5 squirts
Genevieve Cardigan - $195
Another simple, timeless piece. Perfect canvas for a unique brooch. 5 squirts

Be Dazzled Elizabeth Cardigan - $207
Sparkly, but not ostentatious. 4 squirts
Michaeline Cardigan - $225 (in black and red) $112 in blue and pink
The. Teeny. Bow. 5 squirts
Nicolina Nautical Sweater - $195
I adore Emma in stripes. 4 squirts

Michaeline Sweater - $137
It's the neckline that makes this sweater stand out. Totally brooch-worthy. 5 squirts
Eryn Cardigan - $129
With the right blouse and skirt, could be a winner. Very unique color. 3 squirts
Mercury Ingrid Cardigan - $123 (shown with sweater clips!)
Another sweater that Lou could turn into a surprising standout. 4 squirts


Sprinkles Iris Top - $245
Tucked into a pencil skirt with a cardi on top? Yes. 5 squirts
Chelsey Top - $87
Gorgeous alone, under a cardi may be a bit lumpy up top. 4 squirts
Lucille Top - $195
Ruffles are the new bows. 5 squirts

Olivetti Sasha Blouse - $132
I need her to wear this. NEED. Lou, it's on sale. Love it with the blue skirt. 5 squirts
Hearts and Flowers Grace Top - $195
Another fabulous blouse for under a cardigan. 5 squirts Jewelbox Lucinda Top - $110
I love Emma in darker colors. I'd be interested to see what Lou would do with this one. 4 squirts

Studio Reade Blouse - $106
Love it, but it looks more Boardwalk Empire than Emma Pillsbury. 3 squirts
Sandpiper Sierra Blouse - $265
With the right skirt and accessories, this could rival the Dusky Dolphin look. 4 squirts
Briella Blouse - $172
Just gorgeous. 5 squirts

Briella Top - $195
Sleeveless, so perfect under a cardigan. 4 squirts
Solid Grace Top - $195
Pretty, but might be awkward under a cardigan in the shoulders. 3 squirts
Paper Hearts Iris Top - $245
On its own, tucked into a skirt, with a great belt. Made for TV. Everyone would be saying, "Are those hearts on her shirt?" And then swooning. 5 squirts

Camilla Cami - $195
A great cami for under sweaters like the Tracy Reese or the Precious Metals cardi. 4 squirts
Polka Dot Effie Blouse - $245
Another great under-cardigan option. 5 squirts
Printed Studio Reade Blouse - $106
I like the printed version better than the plain, actually. Tucked into a skirt, it could be interesting. 4 squirts


Houndstooth Lola Dress - $395
Given the appearance of the floral Josie dress, I don't think we'll see this one, but I do love it. It calls to my 1980s sensibilities. 5 squirts
Candy Shop Jeannette Dress - $395
So sweet. It could be adorable with a cardigan over it, but the silhouette is not quite Emma Pillsbury all the way (across the sky, what does it mean...) 4 squirts
Anemone Josie Dress - $395
Love it, but Lou chose the right version of this dress for Emma (of course). 4 squirts

Striped Jillian Dress - $355
I'd actually love to see Lou work a look for Rachel or Quinn around this dress. 5 squirts
Malli Dress - $355
This is an incredible dress. I'm sure Lou could style it for Emma perfectly. 4 squirts
Solid Lola Dress - $325
Adorable. I think light colors like this make her look a little washed out on television, though. 4 squirts

Striped Beatrice Dress - $375
Another dress I'd love to see Lou work her magic around. 4 squirts
Melody Dress - $445
Perhaps a bit too "soda shop" for Emma, but a sweet and darling dress. 3 squirts
Harriet Shirtdress - $325
Too much like the one Rachel wore in The Sue Sylvester Bowl Shuffle (but prettier), but still a classic piece for any woman's closet. 4 squirts

Polka Dot Natalia Dress - $375
Adorable! 4 squirts
Polka Dot Jillian Dress - $375
More adorable! 3 squirts
Violetta Shirtdress - $375
Perfect for Rachel. 5 gold stars

Get Ready Calista Shirtdress - $263
More Rachel than Emma. 5 gold stars
Polka Dot Jillian Dress - $375
More of the cute. 4 squirts
Jewelbox Lucy Dress - $158
Looks familiar, doesn't it? Don't think we'll see it, but it's gorgeous. 5 squirts

Mirna Dress - $375
I would fight Emma Pillsbury for this dress. It's not her style, so I win by default and no one has to get dirty. 5 squirts (for me)
Galleria Bette Dress - $169
I prefer this dress to the Anthro dress from Blame it on the Alcohol. 5 squirts
Studio Cece Sweater Dress - $158
Oh. Oh. I love this. Please, Lou. Make it happen. 5 squirts

Jackets and Coats

Tweed Georgia Jacket - $525
I'd love to see Emma in more little jackets. She looks adorable in them. This one might be a bit slouchy for her, but it's fantastic. 4 squirts
Tweed Tavi Jacket - $475
Love it. 5 squirts
Edina Tweed Jacket - $475
Love it. 5 squirts

Striped Bow Jacket - $445
Very cute, but not quite Emma's style. 3 squirts
Jacquard Renee Coat - $495
I adore it, but it might be a bit boxy for Emma. 3 squirts
Houndstooth Rose Coat - $545
Just go to Regionals so you can wear this, Emma! 5 (million) squirts

Elena Trench - $595
I prefer this trench to her Marc Jacobs coat. 5 squirts
Bisous Bow Trench - $645
A fantastic classic trench that would look great on Emma, or anyone. 5 squirts
Noura Coat - $525
Look. I'm going to say it. I'd love to see Emma in a pair of jeans (below), a cute white top, flats, and this coat. 5 squirts


Hallie Pant - $275
If Emma Pillsbury ever does wear pants, I imagine they'd look exactly like these. 5 squirts
Maddie Pant - $295
Or these. 4 squirts
Broome Street Jeans
- $195
And if she ever wears jeans, I hope these are the ones. 5 squirts


Nera Flat - $298
As much as I love the PMJs, I'd love to see Emma Pillsbury's shoe collection expand. These flats would be adorable with the Broome Street Jeans and Noura Coat. 5 squirts
Bloom Pump - $165
Not her regular stacked heel, but the flower is so great. 4 squirts
Halle Wedge - $298
These wedges would be incredible on Emma. 5 squirts

Whew! So WWEPWers, what say you? Which of these Kate Spade pieces would make the perfect additions to Emma Pillsbury's wardrobe?


Anonymous said...

I heart the bow cardi and the sasha blouse. ohh.. i wonder if she will ever wear jeans. now that would be wild!

Halle said...

Beautiful work! I feel like the Olivetti Sasha Blouse looks more like Rachel than Emma, but maybe it's just me. Especially after Rachel's bow front diamond print dress from Silly Love Songs.

vacantmuse said...

the mod skirt screams Brenda Castle to me. ( i miss her! where did she goooooooooo)
Love all of the other pieces, definitely!

sweetarchivia said...

I am so voting for the Intarsia Bow Cardigan! So cute and so Emma!

AmyB said...

it's all sooooo pretty.