Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID Sneak Preview - Comeback

From Broadway World, a sneak peek at another new outfit!

Kate Spade Floral Josie Dress
- $445

Worn with the blue cardigan and chunky bracelet from Grilled Cheesus, her skinny coral belt, and a fabulous new vintage brooch. A contender for a new favorite? I think so. What do you think, WWEPWers?

Thanks to Rachel, Kathleen, Nicolle, Tea, and everyone else who email-and-tweet-alerted me to this fabulous new look!

~ Visit The Possessionista for the rest of all the Glee fashion from 'Comeback'.


goldenmeans said...

Ooh, so so pretty! I say definitely a contender for new favorite :) And Emma's hair is looking smashing as well!

AmyB said...

Oh gosh, dare I say it?

That could be my PPMD talking.