Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Giveaway - Rachel's Star Necklace on Possessionista

If you love Emma Pillsbury's fashion, chances are you've got a soft spot for Rachel Berry's, too. So when I see a great Glee fashion giveaway of one of Rachel's pieces, I've got to pass it along to WWEPWers!

Dana, the Possessionista, is giving away Rachel's star and diamond necklace by Ryan Ryan.

Ryan Ryan Star and Diamond Necklace - $195

No, I'm not kidding. She's GIVING THIS AWAY. Maybe to YOU. Here's what Dana has to say:
The star necklace Finn gave to Rachel for Valentine's Day on Glee last night is another Ryan Ryan custom piece (first ID'd here) not to mention a TDF Valentine's option for Gleeks and non-Gleeks alike. This tiny star and diamond necklace is available in white, yellow and rose gold.

And one lucky Possessionista will win one exclusively from Ryan Ryan and The Possessionista.

Which is a much better Valentine's Day gift than a serenade at the Gap.

Or Mono.
To enter, visit Possessionista for details - Glee Fashion: Win Rachel's star necklace on Glee from Ryan Ryan.

Good luck!


Carol said...

I don't know...if it was Blaine serenading me at the Gap, that'd be hard to turn down. But as it is, I'll go with the necklace this time. ^_-

Sands said...

I agree with Carol. Mono from kissing Finn wouldn't be so bad, either :)

I do love what Finn said to Rachel when he gave her the necklace, "Let's face it Rachel. You're better than anyone in this school. You don't need me or any other guy to anchor you to Lima. You're a real star. And you need to shine."

Laurelann said...

This is me freaking out. If I win I may die anyway from glee. {Get it, ha!} "Silly Love Songs" was enough to make me fall in love with Glee all over again and I can't wait to see what's next in Lima!

ChatteNoire said...

I would feel so lucky to win-it'd make me feel like somehow I can be a star even though I've had a bit of a rough time lately.