Thursday, February 24, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Promo Pic Tweed Skirt

While on a LOFT hunt, look what the fabulous Kathleen came across - the skirt from a little-known promo pic from Season 1.

Ann Taylor LOFT Tweed Mini - no longer available

Before Anthro and Kate Spade, there was J.Crew and LOFT.


Cher said...

She looks a little scary in that promo pic.

Tea said...

Um, does scary mean beautiful now? Oh, that wasn't what I wanted to say ... what I wanted to say was this - yay Kathleen! Yay WWEPW! So many fashion ids recently it's like Christmas followed by another Christmas and then maybe a birthday ... and ok you get the idea :D But I'm so pleased because I've always wondered about this skirt

Shelley said...

Oh, fun, I have that skirt in green! I love it. I never would have recognized it with the pocket tabs hiding.

AmyB said...