Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Trivial Pursuit - Question 7

Today's question, thanks to Kathleen!

What do these three pictures have in common with Emma Pillsbury's clothing?

Remember, please email your answers to me at emmapillsbury at gmail dot com. Don't respond in the comments. Answers will be accepted until 6pm EST tomorrow.

Answer to Question 6: All of these J.Crew shoes have been worn by Emma. The gold shoe (Emma's favorite) doesn't belong because it's a Spencer Mary Jane, while the other two are Emma's signature Penelopes.

Who knew this answer? These WWEPWers! (Point to anyone who picked out the Spencer as the odd-shoe out.)
Sarah A.
Meg G.
Danielle B.
Erin M.
Nicolle B.
Alyssa M.
Sherry J.
Cassandra M.
Emma B.
Becca B.
Liv L.
Ariane E.
Martine T.
Elizabeth A.
Angela A.
Kelly R.
Lauren W.
Tea S.
Jasmine D.
Katie M.

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