Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Emma Pillsbury Trivial Pursuit - Question 4

Today's question:

How many J.Crew Jackie cardigans does Emma have? Bonus point if you can name the colors!

Remember, please email your answers to me at emmapillsbury at gmail dot com. Don't respond in the comments. Answers will be accepted until 6pm EST tomorrow.

Answer to Question 3: The accessory Emma has worn more than any other is her gold watch.

Congratulations to these WWEPWers who answered that question correctly!
Sarah A.
Tea S.
Meg G.
Martine T.
Danielle B.
Nicolle B.



Kathleen said...

I'm absolutely loving the trivia! I have no idea what any of the answers are, but I'm still enjoying it!

Sherry Jarwin said...

OH MAN!!! That is something that is just so easily overlooked! Good job all of you who guessed it!

@kathleen - I don't know the answers either but it is fun to play along! :)

@danielle - thanks for doing this... it is fun!!!

Danielle said...

I'm glad you guys like it! Thank you! :)