Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - Holiday Part 5

How about some outfits for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

Night In by Meg

Christmas Morning by Kari

Christmas With the In-Laws by Kari

Wrapping Presents by Meg

Partridge in a Pear Tree by Sherry

Holiday Green Fancy by Sherry

Ms. Candy Kane by Betty

Holiday by Micalah

Emma's Chic Christmas by May

Under My Tree by Niki

A Candy Cane Inspired Holiday Outfit by Tea

And one more "just for fun" set!

Holiday Shopping by Kari

Thanks for entering such fun holiday looks, everyone!


Sherry Jarwin said...

I love the night in with the in-laws look as well. I also like the Shop til you drop look. Very chic for shopping on Santana Row in San Jose, CA. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Emma does not wear pants.

Black Pearl Girl said...

Outfits are adorable per usual but I really just wanted to post hooray for adding an icon to WWEPW!!! I love love love the fact that my favorite bar on firefox just added a PMJ to it :)

Betty said...

I love Meg's Wrapping Presents look!