Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Best Glee Fashion Blogs

Not to brag, but WWEPW is one of the very few blogs dedicated to the fashion of Glee. I'm proud to say that I'm in very good company.

Of course, there's my girl Dana - The Possessionista.

Dana has helped me ID some of the most difficult pieces Emma has worn. And, Possessionista is the first source for all things Quinn and Rachel. She offers so much more than just Glee on her site. Fans of The Bachelorette, Gossip Girl, and Pretty Little Liars know that Dana's site is the place to go for IDs from the shows, as well as budget versions of many of the looks. Dana's got something new and exciting on her site every day - if you're not reading it daily, you're missing out!

Recently I stumbled on a LiveJournal community - Glee Style.

The bloggers at this fabulous site very kindly linked back to WWEPW for any fashion IDs they'd found here, and thank goodness. This site is a treasure trove of Glee fashion IDs for every character, but most especially for Kurt fans. It's great to see the guys getting as much attention as the girls out here in the blog world!

Glee Style and WWEPW will be combining powers. Each week I'll be sharing links to my Emma Pillsbury fashion IDs. For all the hardcore Glee fashionistas out there, this site is a must-see. Put it in your Google reader. Add it to your Bloglines. If you have an LJ account, join this community. Subscribe any way you can, because it's absolutely amazing.

Yay, Glee fashion blogs! Glee fashion blogs, hooray!

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