Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lou Eyrich Talks About The Rocky Horror Glee Show

This has nothing to do with Emma's clothes, but this blog is really a tribute to Lou Eyrich's genius, above all else. And so her fierceness must be duly noted.

I'm rather apprehensive about this episode, considering I was a RHPS regular in the 1980s, after I saw it for the first time in 1982 (pipe down, all of you born-before-82 people!), and because I haven't really enjoyed any of the themed episodes on Glee.

Even though I'm willing to suspend my disbelief that a high school musical production of The Rocky Horror Show would ever take place, I'm less than optimistic about this episode. I'm still hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

But even when Glee falls short as a show, Lou Eyrich always comes through as a designer. Always.

From TV Guide, a few excerpts from a First Look at Glee's Rocky Horror Episode.

Finn's look started out "pretty bland, like the nerdy character Brad is," says costume designer Lou Eyrich.

Carl does "his own sexy version of Eddie to intimidate Will [Matthew Morrison]," says Eyrich. "It was actually John's idea to do a take-off on Elvis' leather-suit look from his 1968 TV special."

"Here, Quinn [Dianna Agron] is one of the partygoers for our big 'Time Warp' dance scene," says Eyrich. "When the hairstylists told us they wanted to give Dianna a pink wig, we gave her a pink top and glittery hat. To make it more youthful, we used a high-waisted pant from H&M and a gold cummerbund."

"At first, Sam [Chord Overstreet] is wearing tiny little gold shorts, but then they decide that's maybe not appropriate for a school play, so he ends up in these gold board shorts and tank top," explains Eyrich. Overstreet was shocked when he saw what little he'd be wearing. "He was a really good sport but hit the gym extra hard," adds Eyrich.

Finn as Brad is absolutely perfect. Diana's look as a Time Warp dancer is sublime. If anyone can make me fall in love with this episode, it's Lou.


Anonymous said...

and emma.... on will's desk wearing the black polkadot skirt from "showmance." All I can say is OMFG!!!!

Teresa said...


That skirt is Emma's NAUGHTY skirt! She's always getting some sort-of action in it! :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. First in showmance, then in the scene that was cut, and now the RHPS episode. What's next? I guess Lou Eyrich was doing this equation while shopping for Emma: Emma+ this dress= naughtiness.