Monday, October 25, 2010

Etsy Shops - Bear and the Honeybee

Last week I created an Etsy treasury of some of my favorite Emma-inspired jewelry. The inspiration for the treasury was this necklace:

It reminded me of my favorite piece of Emma's jewelry, the multi-strand purple necklace.

Leigh, the creator of this piece, left a lovely comment on the post, so I checked out her shop, Bear and the Honeybee.

I am now in love with Leigh's necklaces. Emma has great jewelry, and for me, the best pieces are the unique, often vintage, one-of-a-kinds that can't be duplicated. Sure, I can go to J.Crew or Anthro and get a pretty necklace, but isn't it so much better to wear something that was handcrafted? Something no one else has? (Not even Emma!) I think so.

Big Blue Daisy Necklace - $42

Bright Green and Yellow Daisy Necklace - $32

Fresh Daisy Necklace - $30

Soft Floral Necklace - $32

Once again, I raise a glass (or a vintage enamel brooch) to artists like Leigh who create such fun, pretty jewelry. The next time you're in the mood to add to your own jewelry box, step away from the mall shops and support your favorite Etsy artist instead.


Anna said...

They are lovely!

Tea said...

Crazy gorgeous! My only problem would be deciding :)

Danielle said...

Beautiful!! Very early season 1 Emma!

Leigh said...

Wow, I am shocked! Thank you so much for featuring my shop. I am just thrilled that others like my "art projects." I am new to Etsy, so I don't have any feedback, but Girl Scout Honor it is safe to purchase from me if you are interested. I have sold several pieces in "real life," if only so that I could afford to make more. :-) Thanks again! - Leigh

Nina Mechure said...

These necklaces are heavenly..
Do you ship to the Philippines?


AmyB said...

So lovely!! Yay Leigh!!

wordnerd said...

OK, Danielle, you are just trouble! After seeing all of the great cardis and shoes I can't afford, I couldn't resist ordering one of Leigh's necklaces! I really must find a job...