Saturday, October 23, 2010

Channeling Emma - Glee Cookies

WWEPWer Patti sent me the link to an entry on an absolutely fantastic site, Diamonds for Dessert.

Diamonds for Dessert author Susan has channeled cookies! She writes:
Any Gleeks out there? I happen to love TV comedies, plus I'm a sucker for musicals, so Glee definitely fits my bill for awesome TV. Because the season premiere for Glee's second season is tomorrow, I decided to make some Glee character sugar cookies.

Do I spy the IYB under that coral cardi? Of course!

Susan has created cookies for each of the main characters on the show, plus instructions for DIYers! How great would these be at your next viewing party? I'd love to create a plateful of Emma cookies, each with a different cardi.

Visit Susan's blog to see all of her Glee cookies, and directions to make them yourself!

Yay, Susan! Susan, hooray! And big thanks to Patti for the link!

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Lizzy said...

Cool!!! I'll visit her blog to see the directions! =)
There are many GLEEKS here in Mexico too!