Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WWEPW Idol: Plaid Challenge - Group 1

Before we kick off the Plaid Challenge, a quick announcement! The volume of emails I get at WWEPW is incredible, and unfortunately some emails get lost in the shuffle. I try my best to file things in the correct folders so I can get back to them, but from time to time, I put things in the wrong place. If I missed one of your entries anywhere during WWEPW, please let me know! I'll post an "Oops Group" at the very end of the Plaid Challenge to make sure any entries that were overlooked get to be seen! Thanks for your understanding and my apologies if you sent a look and I inadvertently missed it!

Back to the show!

Emma in Plaid by ErinB

Plaidapalooza by ErinM

Emma in Plaid by Tara

A Passion for Plaid by Heather

Pretty in Pink Plaid by Liz

Emma in Plaid by Natalie

Polls will be open for 48 hours!


Lindalou said...

They are all so cute. So hard to pick just one.

Maura said...

Yes, this is a tough one! I will have one of each, please. :)

Limequat said...

Good heavens, that blue clutch in the last set is something I'll be saving for starting now. Sooo pretty.

Melissa at Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

I love PLAID now! I need to buy some.

Anyhoo, Billabong Audrey Coat, Terra Frill Neck Sweater, Marc Jacobs Brodie Dress, Anthro Easy Keeper Skirt, Bejeweled Peep Toes and Pocket Clutch Wallet in Sierra Blue FTW!

MJ said...

I loved the ones by Heather and Natalie. Oh it was so hard to choose just one!

Jen516 said...

Seriuously?!? I'm supposed to pick just ONE of these?! They're all so fantastic!

Jen said...

I love that Anthropologie orange skirt. Too bad it only goes up to Size 12. :(