Sunday, October 17, 2010

Inspired by Jayma

Jayma Mays is so versatile. Put a potato sack on her, and it becomes high fashion.

More of Jayma's looks for under $100!

Collage photos of Jayma from Your Daily Dose of Jaymamazing

1. Old Navy Semi-Sheer Roll-Up Camp Shirt - $9.99
Target Mossimo Juniors Denim Legging (Rinse Wash) - $15
American Eagle Braided Skinny Belt - $19.50

2. Charlotte Russe Tiered Mini Skirt - $9.50
Calvin Klein Textured Dot Halter Top - $29.99
Express Colorblock Stretch Belt - $29.90

3. Purple Coat - no longer available, but cute enough to mention again. (Final price was only $21!)

4. Windsor White Colorblock Cocktail Dress - $49.90

5. French Connection Amelia Printed Tunic - $59

6. J.Crew Silk Tricotine Allegra Dress - $49.99


MJ said...

I love the first look. So classic.

Anonymous said...

This is irrevelant, BUT... has revealed the FULL tracks from the Rocky Horror Glee Show! Including Emma singing Touch-a!
Just made my day.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the address is

Super exciting.

I really hope you all don't know about this already and I'm the last to find out, which is what usually happens...

Sarah said...

Entertainment Weekly released the songs a few days ago, but thanks anyway! So excited for the show!