Saturday, September 4, 2010

Inspired by Jayma - Jayma Mays' Sandals

Everyone wants to know about the strawberry-colored sandals seen on Jayma Mays lately. Whether she's out and about with her husband or playing basketball on set, these seem to be her go-to comfy shoes.

Photos from Gleehab and Your Daily Dose of Jaymamazing

Kimchi Blue Peeptoe Flats at Urban Outfitters - $14.99 (on sale)

Grab a pair...and a basketball...and a hot British guy...before they're gone!


Kasey said...

Oh, I love Kimchi Blue! I snagged a pair in the navy. :)

Tea said...

Oh they have polka dots! I thought the shoes looked cute but now I know that they have polka dots too I think I need them! Jayma always looks gorgeous but I love it when she wears things that are a nod to Emma's style and these polka dot t-bars certainly do that! Yay!

Adie said...

Shoes; check
Basketball; check
Hot British Guy; not happening. trust me, I live in England. There. Are. NONE.

but loving the sexy shoes :3

Megan said...

I love them! And if those sell out, Target has a pair of red flats on clearance that are similar. I can't find them online but they're the same shade of red, minus the polka dots and the T-strap. Super cute.

Jesslyn said...

I love that she's wearing colored shoes! I'm so tired of nude shoes on everyone. I have several pair. They're fantastic for leg lengthening and certain outfits but every day, every outfit, every where? NO! Have some shoe fun!