Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WWEPW Idol: Auditions - "New York"

And we're off!

Now, because this is WWEPW Idol, we're following regular Idol rules. Which means repeat voting is ON. So if you have more than one favorite, you can vote for as many looks as you like! And if you want to start a campaign for yourself, go for it! Bring your friends! And popsicles. Teresa and I like popsicles and WE ARE NOT ABOVE ACCEPTING BRIBES, PEOPLE.

Aqua and Starfish by Caitlin

WWEPW Idol Challenge - Audition by AmyB

WWEPW Idol Audition by Erin

WWEPW Idol: Audition by Celeste

Audition by Meg

Prim and Vintage by Rachel

Polls will be open for 48 hours!


vacantmuse said...

so... i'm allowed to vote for EVERYONE? :D (it's what i think Emma would do. also, i want all of these outfits.)

Danielle said...

I love everyone's looks!
I especially gotta hand it to Meg, though. That is a gorgeous color combo.
Yay WWEPWers! WWEPWers, hooray!

Megan said...

I voted for the last one JUST because of those shoes. Seriously, Emma needs to wear those shoes at some point. (And me, I need them too.)

Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

Starfish necklace, glitter Mary Janes, white pleated shirt, perfect pair cardigan, grape beret and IRB (insane red blouse) FTW! hee hee!

Desiree said...

Such creative and cute ideas. I think she would wear any one of them. Great job designers!

AmyB said...

Goodness AmyB I had no idea that dress was actually a skirt AND top that you matched together so beautifully with that belt. Very clever putting that vintage pin on the frilly collar for some added fun. AND those shoes? Who wouldn't want a pair of glitter MJ's?
A stunning entry.

:P :D

Teresa said...

Caitlin---LOVE that dress! Such a gorgeous color, so very Emma!

Amy B---where do I begin? ADORABLE!! Every detail! ADORABLE!!!! (this is said in my Oprah voice) AAAAMMMAAAAAZIIIING!

Erin---LOVE the color combo you chose! Very Emma, and that skirt is fantastic!

Celeste---love the layout here, and that cardi is amazing! Emma always looks fantastic in that shade of blue!

Meg----you picked an uncommon color pair and just made it SHINE. LOVE this dress and coat set---it's fantastic!

Rachel---I love that cardi and you picked some great shoes! Emma never goes wrong with her t-straps!