Saturday, May 1, 2010

Would Emma Wear It? - Lilly Pulitzer

My dog-eared copy of The Official Preppy Handbook from 1980 still sits on a bookshelf in my home. I wore that book out from the ages of 10-14, when New Wave hit me like a ton of bricks and I started pinning my jeans and bleaching my bangs with Sun-In.

I'm glad I saved my Pappagallo purse and all its covers, because apparently The Official Preppy Handbook will have a sequel, "True Prep," written in part by original author Lisa Birnbach.

This news got me thinking about Emma. To some extent, her look is mildly preppy. Bright colors, simple silhouettes, classic pieces. And what brand exemplifies preppy more than Lilly Pulitzer? The question Lilly Pulitzer too preppy for Emma? You be the judge:

Hallie Lattice Jacquard Skirt - $138
Roslyn Lilly Pad Skirt - $118
Roslyn Ladder Skirt- $118

Janie Solid Shirt - $98 (I loooove this blouse.)
Eliot Printed Shirt - $128
Cedar Printed Tank - $148

Lee Cashmere Cardigan - $228
Lee Cotton Cardigan - $78.40
Paley Beach Cardigan - $98

And the most-often asked question: Will Emma ever wear pants? If she did, might they look something like these?

Society Solid Cord Pant - $138
Tradewind Vintage Printed Capri - $128
Stretch Twill Society Pant - $138

So...what are your thoughts? Lilly Pulitzer for Emma?

More Lilly Pulitzer for those who love the look



Permanent Rose said...

I think we need an Emma in pants scene at some point...that would be EPIC :P

Elissa said...

oh my gosh, I love it! Emma is seen in more darker colors most of the time (those colors are bright and reminds me of sherbet!) but I can see her totally going towards that color when she discovers herself and become more confident.

As for the styles, totally!! It's SO Emma!

Whitney said...

I can definitely see Emma wearing a Lilly skirt and cardigan.

Of course, she'd add a brooch and make it her own.

Also, YES I would be SO excited to see her wear pants. She'd be adorable.

Heather said...

Skirts - Yes. Shirts - all but the blue one in the middle. Cardigans - All of the above icanhazthemnaoplz?

I still thought it was weird seeing Rachel wearing trousers to meet Jesse in the library, so maybe Emma wearing anything other than skirts might be too much for me haha.

The 'pants' issue raises an interesting question, though - what does Emma wear to relax? Does she ever spend a Sunday just slopping around the house?

Teresa said...

I could totally see Emma in a pair of pastel capris/pedal pushers. She would look adorable. Jeans, she'd have to "vintage" them up a bit with her top and shoes. I always imagine her cleaning her house with a bandana tied around her head like Rosie the Riveter, LOL.

Those skirts and cardis are CUTER THAN CUTE.

Lynn said...

Maybe. I'm not so sure about the tops, but the cardigans and the skirts, definitely!

Jesslyn said...

I SO hear you on the Sun In! New Wave rocked.
I think some of Lilly Pulitzer is too "country club golfer" for Emma, but other pieces would suit her perfectly. I see her wearing it on a picnic date with Will.

Liz H. said...

I could see the skirts and the cardis...not sure on the tops, and I can't picture Emma wearing pants!

Eliz said...

The pieces individually, yes—Emma would pair them with other items/colors that would make them less obviously preppy. I could definitely see her layering those tops under cardigans! Pants... honestly, I'll probably gasp loudly (and dramatically) in shock if she's ever put in pants!

Eliz said...

Teresa—yes! They'd have to be Audrey-style capris or ankle-length pants. I don't see Emma wearing regular-length pants at all.

Nat said...

I've been pulling for Emma to wear Lilly for months! My fingers are still crossed.

Sarahnargle said...

I can only ever see her in vintage shorts or pedal pushers when I think about the pants issue - maybe pants will factor into a huge reveal where Emma becomes super confident and powerful and astounds the world of McKinley High. The white pants could definitely figure into that scenario, which I'm totally dying to see. Then Will could pine for Emma for awhile, which could be tons of fun. :)

knitseashore said...

I discovered your site from a mention on Green Apples blog and love this post especially. Still have my copy of the Preppy Handbook and thank you for letting me know there's a sequel coming out!

*Love* Lilly and *love* New Wave more than words can say. :)

lotsamamma said...

Really? Besides cropped pants, I can totally picture her in those 1940's-esque sailor pants with the buttons on the front, or some gorgeous tweedy wide legged pants.
Of course, she would call them trousers, not pants!