Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - Prom!

This was so much fun! I didn't have time to create my own looks for the Prom challenge yet, but these incredible creations are giving me plenty of inspiration! I was really excited to see lots of new names entering the Fashion Challenge - welcome, new WWEPWers!

Emma At Her Prom

Josh's Look

Yay, Josh! Josh, hooray! Josh is the mastermind behind this entry, and he came up with an amazing look! Brilliant, creative and stylish - welcome, Josh!

Nicolle's Look

Oh, Nicolle. You nailed it. And guess what everyone? Today is Nicolle's birthday! Please wish my virtual daughter a very happy day!

Amy B's Look
Why do I love AmyB so? The description she wrote of her look is the perfect example: "So I guesstimate Emma to be about30ish and what was the biggest romance movie during her senior year in 1997??? The movie where the characters say each other's name 5,427,368 times. Jack! Jack! Rose! Rose! Emma of course would have loved the romance but hated all the wet ickiness..So join me for "Tonight on the Titanic!" Amy FTW!

Meg's Look

Romantic and feminine with vintage touches. Fabulous, Meg!

Eliz's Look

You guys are coming up with the most perfect details for these sets! Eliz, this set is an instant classic! The music choices - so fantastic!

Tracy's Look

How come of all the weddings I've been in, no one ever picked this beautiful dress for me to wear? A stunner, Tracy!

Heather's Look

I want this dress immediately. I have nowhere to wear it but I still want it. Now.

Rose's Look

People! You really know your 90s! Absolutely fantastic, Rose!

Kate's Look

Ooooh! I love off-the-shoulder dresses, and this one? GORGEOUS.

Monika's Look

Lovely and ethereal, much like Emma would have been as a teenager!

Rachel's Look

YES! The Tiffany blue top, the bow, the swingy pleated skirt, the vintage-inspired accessories...all so Emma!

Samantha's Look

AHAHAHAHAHHAHA! "A Night to Disinfect!" I...can't...breathe...

Danielle's Look

This is not mine, but it's so awesome, I wish I'd come up with this prom photo shoot-inspired look myself! Love it, Danielle!

Andie's Look

Where are you finding these amazing dresses? And why did they not have these amazing dresses when I had my prom a thousand years ago?

Ciara's Look

You had me at, "Kate Spade Jewelry." Swooooon.

Celeste's Look

A dress with a belt is my ultimate weakness. Love. It.

Nicole's Look

I looooove Emma in yellow! Such a sweet dress, Nicole!

Emma Chaperones the Prom

Josh's Look


Nicolle's Look

I fainted. This whole look...is perfection.

Amy B's Look

More Amy awesomeness: "OHMYGODIWANTTHISDRESS. plz? So this is the dress that Will after seeing Emma in will finally get to do the nasty in and become such a lame Prom cliche...awesome." Hahahaha! This entire look reminds me of something out of Moulin Rouge, and to that I say YES.

Erin's Look

Everything about this is right. The ruffles, the color scheme, the flower at the waist. Erin = fabulous.

Celeste's Look

This dress reminds me of the one I got married in! J'adore!

Eliz's Look

GOOD GRIEF would you look at that incredible dress! And coat! And shoes! And PUNCH! I can see Emma serving it in her little plastic gloves!

Meg's Look

Meg, there are no words for how amazing this dress is. None. Except for OMG.

Emma's Look

This would make Will snap a garter!

Andie's Look

Andie! You're incredible! I would wear this in a heartbeat. LOVE the little swing coat.

Samantha's Look

I love Emma in this blue as much as I love her in yellow. GORGE.

Ballroom Pink's Look

Emma's face in that picture is my face looking at this dress!

Rachel's Look

Another dress I need. GOING BROKE HERE.

mecoakley's Look

Loooove the monochromatic color scheme so much.

Kate's Look

Gimme gimme gimme.

GeekExtraordinaire's Look

Ok, I know I said this like forty times already, but I really do want that dress. Really. A lot. That neckline is amazing.

Rose's Look

YES! Emma must wear owls to Prom!

RKnuckles' Look

I could have stared all night..at that dress.

Clara's Look

Will would totally want to smooch her in that dress!

Nicole's Look

Love the neckline of this dress!

Erin's Look

There's only one thing to say. YAY, GLEE! GLEE KIDS, HOORAY!


Liz H. said...

By far one of the best challenges ever! I don't have prom until next year, and I think I have already found my dress! <333 amazing amazing amazing!! <33333

Danielle said...

I agree, Liz! This was my favorite challenge yet!

Celeste said...

Everything was so amazing! The dresses were all gorgeous and the sets were fantastic! Yay everyone! :)

Meg said...

All these gorgeous looks are making me want to find a proms to crash (assuming that I would be able to wear said looks).

Happy Birthday Nicolle!

josh said...

Yay! So glad everyone had fun. All these sets are superb.

Glee creators/costumers should take note...can you say FLASHBACK!?

Teresa said...

SO awesome!!! Eliz I love your looks!! So classic and so Emma!

And I really hoped to be the first comment but I am not fast enough. :(


Teresa said...


Emma said...

This was my favorite challenge so far! I loved seeing all the dresses- I think I have to go buy them all now.

Danielle said...

I'm with you on the flashback Josh. Seriously. They need to do it now.

And a very happy birthday to Nicolle. =)

Rachel said...

I'm a new girl, but this was so much fun!

Eliz said...

What great sets; I loved this challenge! '90s flashback IS NEEDED. I'm a couple years younger than Emma, but some of these brought back memories. (Oh & thanks Teresa!)

Sarahnargle said...

Eliz's Look: Clinique Happy - as a child of the nineties, that was the only perfume of my childhood. It's also a scent that I could totally see Emma wearing, in a nice clean bottle and slightly retro (since apparently the nineties was two decades ago, a terrifying thought). Well done on all counts!

Sarahnargle said...
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Sarahnargle said...

And Happy B-Day Nicolle! I hope your owl sweater guards bring you cheer on your special day. :)

Sarahnargle said...

And Nicolle's set with the print dress and the floral jcrew shoes is just perfect. I want it more than a lot. :)

Sarahnargle said...

The shoes from RKnuckles' Look.
The brooch from Rachel's Chaperon.
Eliz's entire Eat Your Heart Out Schue, 'cause damn, that one is amazing.
Amy B's insanely fabulous gold mary janes.
Heather's yellow rosette clutch.
Those green line heart earrings that everyone used.
And finally anything involving gloves and/or cleaning supplies, 'cause if an Emma Pillsbury prom is going to be anything, it's going to be perfectly clean.

And that was my very limited list of favorites, since I didn't think I should list every single item from every list individually. Great job guys!

Rosesred said...

Wow, that's a lot of pretty pretty dresses! My friend is getting married, and if she needs some suggestions for awesome dresses, I'll just send her here! I love the green paris-dress, so pretty!

Heather said...

Danielle, the dress that I used in my set - the green one - is from Modcloth (♥♥♥) and costs $137.99 (a bit much for my pocketbook)

Unfortunately I tried to be too organised and bought my dress for the Leavers' Ball 2 months ago. Waaah.

Lindalou said...

Wow! Everyone did such a great job and want so many of these dresses.

Jesslyn said...

What a fun challenge and FANTASTIC looks!

Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

OK, I am totally inspired to channel Emma at the annual galas I have to attend. I'll never go to the evening gown section of the department store again! I'm tired of looking like everyone else!