Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - The 90s!

Inspired by this:

You came up with some masterpieces, folks! Let's get to it straightaway!


Meg's Look

Meg says, "Clueless (a cinematic masterpiece) was my inspiration for Emma. She would have loved Cher's commitment to matching her clothes and since it came out in 1995 would have been able to influence her high school wardrobe. I also considered this for Rachel but felt that it would have been a bit too on trend for her, though I am sure she uses it as inspiration today."

Anything inspired by Clueless gets an A+ from me!

AmyB's Look

Seriously, girl. Your sets for this challenge are INSPIRED. Quit that job and make Polyvore sets for my amusement full-time instead. I pay in chocolates and sweater clips.

Courtney's Look

Courtney, you earned my eternal admiration and undying devotion with "Robbie Rulz!" Glee NEEDS to do a Robbie Williams song or I may never forgive them. PAY ATTENTION RYAN MURPHY. "LET ME ENTERTAIN YOU." NATIONALS. THAT IS ALL.

Celeste's Look

I bet Emma definitely had a different color pen for each of her classes! Love it!

G's Look

G says, "I found this challenge a little tough. Emma in the 90s!?! Before her love for pencil skirts and frilly cardigans eek.
I thought Emma would be neither a geek or super popular, so I aimed for middleground. I took inspiration from the tv show "My so called life", florals, layers, stonewash denim, etc."

I like the idea of Emma having "a past!" Perhaps she was very different in her pre-cardi days!

G's Other Look!

G says, "Going for library chic, like Willow from Buffy but slightly toned down."

Eeee, Buffy! I'm working my way through the entire series right now. (No one spoil me, please!) It's becoming a Glee-level obsession, but I don't think I can handle WWBSW right now...

Samantha's Look

Emma would have gone for modesty for sure!

Molly's Look

Banana clip! YES!

Emma's Look

I could totally see her in big Irish knit sweaters!

Melissa's Look

Melissa says, "Emma, class of 1997, preferred the Petite Sophisticate look and stayed away from racy stores like Express. The 90s were matchy, matchy for preppy girls despite the yucky grunge look. We loved lapiz beads and gold jewelry. No girl would be caught dead without their Clinique pink powdered blush compact or Clinique Happy spray in their Dooney!

P.S. This is as close to a backpack as Emma would ever wear."

Clinique Happy! SO 90s! Brilliant call on the backpack, Melissa!

O's Look

O says, "The inspiration here was 'What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear to My Eight Grade Social' (circa 1996). Every single girl was wearing a dress that was white on top and black on the bottom, hideous block heel sandals, and as much crystal jewelry (remember the famous "Y" necklace??) as she could carry on her 14-year-old self. Add in a terrible mall-hair-salon-updo, some "Mellie's Sparkles" and your mom's purse, and voila...ready for the Most. Important. Night. Ever. Emma would rock this party in her fab 90s attire but with her signature spin: bows aplenty (dress, shoes, and purse) and of course, her pale pink Hard Candy mani/pedi (done at home so as to avoid icky germs)."

Girl, I love the way you think.


Courtney's Look

HAHAHAHAHAHHA! You are cracking me up! PETER ANDRE!

Amy B's Look

Rachel TOTALLY read Sassy!

Rose's Look

This is ingenious! I love the idea of what Rachel might have dressed like as a kid in the 90s!

TAP's Look

All that neon? Absolutely!

Kate's Look

Rachel is SO a Keds girl.

Meg's Look

Meg says, "Because there is no way that a 90's version of Rachel Berry didn't own a closet full of Cosby sweaters and adding the overalls creates the grandmother/toddler combination that is the Rachel Berry we have come to know."

That sweater is perfect for her! I bet she made it herself.


Meg's Look

Meg says, "Like Tina, Quinn doesn't change too much between the 90's and now. She keeps her sun-dress (floral prints being pretty big) and instead of her usual cardigan goes with a sheer blouse to put over it."

Perfect for her!

Amy B's Look

I could totally see her getting her Lilith Fair on in this outfit! HA! Stellar!

TAP's Look

She would absolutely wear those pajama pants!

Emily's Look

Another perfectly thought-out look!

Danielle's Look

The tights with the bows are the perfect touch!


Courtney's Look

The mismatched socks are a stroke of sheer genius!

AmyB's Look

Seriously did I mention THAT THIS SHOULD BE YOUR JOB?

Kate's Look

Tina would have been SO grunge!

Meg's Look

Meg says, "Because Tina just has to be a little grunge and I remember several people owning those long black cardigans (including me)."



AmyB's Look

I'm just going to stop even trying to say anything to accentuate your brilliance. In fact I'm going to start referring to you as Your Brilliance from now on, because you're royalty here.

Meg's Look

Meg says, "Oh, Bell Bottoms. I remember going to Ceder Point one year and seeing a group of teenagers with huge Bell Bottoms that I could have worn as a dress. So that with an oriental print top would be perfect for Mercedes."

That top IS perfect for her!


Courtney's Look

I'm speechless. All I can come up with is a repeat of OMGOMG on an endless loop with your sets, Courtney!

AmyB's Look


Meg's Look

Meg says, "Bare Midriffs and Santana just seem to go together. So I made this look for her and realized that it sort of looks like I would see on Topanga in 'Boy Meets World.'"

Topanga! A perfect comparison!

Emily's Look



Courtney's Look

Courtney says, "Brittany is so a Mariah Carey fan, I can tell."


AmyB's Look

Amy says, "As someone who was the furthest thing from a cheerleader, I like to think that being a cheerleader is genetic tendency."

I, too, did not inherit the cheerleader gene, but THANK GOODNESS Brittany did. I heart Brittany.

Meg's Look

Meg says, "I looked to 'Clarissa Explains it All' for Brittany. I think she would have loved the bright colors that were mixed in that show and while the mixed patterns/colors would have also worked for Mercedes I decided it had to be Brittany because, really, could you imagine a show called 'Brittany Explains it All?' EPIC."



Samantha's Look

Samantha says, "I see Terri totally wishing to be as 'awesome' as the girls on 'Beverly Hills 90210'; I figured a Kelly Taylor-esque look from the 1st season would be right up her alley."

You nailed Terri!


Emily's Look

Oh, I love this interpretation of April before The Fall! Excellent!


Courtney's Look

Courtney says, "Finn would be dragging his sorry butt around with his boxer shorts hanging out over his baggy jeans, Cons slopping around on his feet, hat on backwards, rocking out to Kris Kross on his Walkman."

WHAT DID I EVER DO TO DESERVE YOU, COURTNEY? Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.

Amy B's Look


Emily's Look

TOTAL 90s' Alexander McQueen Kurt!


The Princess' Look

The perfect flashback of Will and Emma in high school!

Seeing these looks will only enhance Glee for me tonight! Thank you, everyone, for creating such amazing and fun 90s-inspired outfits!

If you create a look for a Fashion Challenge (this one or any in the future) and it doesn't appear, PLEASE let me know. Sometimes people create them but forget to email them to me, and with the number of sets I receive, I could very well miss one from time to time. EVERY look created will always be included, so if something ever happens with one of yours, email me to let me know! :)


Liz H. said...

OMG I absolutely loooved the "Emma's Got Mail" set <33333 I cannot even begin to express it!!! <3333

Teresa said...

OMG AMYB YOU ARE GENIUS!!!!! So many great looks!!! Took me back to high school!!!

Mercedes in Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation look---EXCELLENT!!

OMG KEDS <3333

Teresa said...

And Meg---you are completely correct: CLUELESS WAS MOVIE GOLD.

I am so glad this site is filled with such bright people! :D

Meg said...

Can I just say that Rose's set is brilliant! I would love to see Rachel as a child. That fact that she added Beanie Babies, Tamagotchis and American Girl Dolls to it are only icing on the already delicious cake.

As a side note, it broke my heart when they discontinued the Samantha doll, I don't think I will ever forgive them for it.

Megan said...

I love it all! Too much to handle!

And they should really REALLY do "Brittany Explains it All" webisodes at least. That would be AWESOME.

Permanent Rose said...

Thanks, Meg. The 90s were my early childhood years--same as the glee kids--so I thought I'd take the route I was familiar with. I spent my childhood wearing jelly sandals, playing with beanie babies, and trying to keep my various Tamagotchis alive :P

And I was shocked when I found out they discontinued Samantha! She's, like, the classic American girl doll!

BTW, I *love* Meg's Cosby sweater for Rachel :)

Danielle said...

Oh my gosh, 'Brittany Explains It All.' That needs to happen yesterday. Please. I think it would even be a fantastic webseries feature for the Glee site.

Deliciously Girly said...

OMG THE GLEE THIS POST INSPIRES IS IMMEASURABLE. I can't choose a favorite because they are all so FTW. "Brittany Explains It All", Rachel in Cosby Sweaters, APRIL RHODES (SO PEEVED I didn't think to dress her!), Rhythm Nation with Hammer Pants... OMG, ALL SO AWESOME.

I wish I'd thought to do the Glee kids as KIDS - I didn't do them 'cuz I was like, "DUH, they weren't TEENS in the 90's, they were KIDS"... uh, yeah, we wore some pretty horrific clothes as kids, too. Anyone else have boys at school wearing bike shorts under big baggy shorts in the early 90's?

Courtney said...

Amy B - your Clueless homage for Rachel was awesome! And i see we were on the same wavelength for Finn - the boxers hanging out, sneakers, ball cap. That movie does typify the 90s.

And Santana's set is so fabulous -she would so seduce her half-brother and mess with an innocent young thing for entertainment.

Emily - Kurt's look: BRILLIANT!! Love the loafers with shorts, so 90s.

Kate - your look for Tina is so perfect - reminds me of the kids in Dangerous Minds and Sister Act 2!

Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

This was my first fashion challenge and SOOO fun! I updated mine a few minutes after I emailed it to you. I had to add the scrunchy and the denim vest--the 90s version of the cardi! It now looks just like something I would have worn in college!

Ginger said...

No one did Sue! I didn't see these in time, or I would totally have done one of those puffy track suits, most of them were that crinkly silky stuff. Does anyone remember what I'm talking about?

Heather said...


^What Lea Michele did actually look like in the 90s^

Permanent Rose - WE ARE THE SAME PERSON. Jelly Sandals - Glittery. Tamagotchi - Pink and purple. I think it was a fish. Beanie Babies - Many. I even had the one used in the set. Snips, I think.

Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

Ginger, I totally remember those! There were two girls in my sorority house who loved those things. The sound of them walking down the hall was like nails on a chalkboard!

AmyB said...

This was so fun...loved them all so much!

I really wanted to do a Kid n Play/Fresh Prince/hip hoppy set for Puck, and do a Boy Band (NSync, 98degrees, etc) for Kurt but just ran out of time!!
Stupid job.

Anonymous said...

OMG! yes please start a WWBSW!!!! Best thing ever!