Friday, April 23, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - The Power of Madonna - Mint Green Blouse

In my last Get The Look Update, a wonderful WWEPW reader recognized Emma's mint green blouse from Banana Republic.

She wrote, "Hi I have the green blouse! It's from last year, Banana Republic. I have it in white, yellow and green. I am honored to be as fashion forward as Emma, even before there was a Glee!"


I hadn't located a photo of this top until last night, when the ever-lovely Dana from The Possessionista delivered this gem to my inbox!

Ta da!

Although this green blouse is no longer available at Banana Republic, keep checking eBay - lots of Emma's clothes turn up there from time to time! Right now, there are 5 J.Crew Watercolor Floral Pencil Skirts for sale!

Thanks so much to Dana, The Possessionista, for the photo! Be sure to check out her site for the best pop culture fashion finds!


muffin said...

when you check ebay for these items, do you search for glee/emma pillsbury or do you search for the particular item, i.e. green banana republic blouse?


Danielle said...

Search for the exact item! :)