Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Style - Get The Look - Ruffle and Tweed Dress with Cardigan

Of all the outfits from "The Power of Madonna," this seems to be the most popular. I've gotten so many emails about this outfit, and I am glad to say I DID find this outfit.

Sort of.

I'm 100% sure that Emma is not, in fact, wearing a skirt and blouse under the purple cardi. She is most definitely wearing a Kate Spade Cloey Dress. The question is...which one? I've uncovered these versions of the dress so far:

Cloey Dress on sale at ($277)

It's clear that the top of the dress matches what Emma is wearing in this scene, but in a different color. So the question remains: does the dress come in another color, or did the amazing Lou Eyrich dye the top of this dress (and change the belt to black) to color it up for television? I'm guessing the latter.

ETA: Thanks to WWEPW's amazing reader Angela, we have confirmation that this dress DOES come in the purple colorway. THANK YOU, ANGELA!!!

Similar Kate Spade separates:

Kate Spade Kayla Pencil Skirt at Nordstrom ($147)

Graphic Garland Cloey Blouse on sale in red at ($99)

Baby-Cable Button Front Cardigan from L.L.Bean ($49.50)
Merona Women's Cable Cardigan Sweater from Target ($23)
Cambridge Cable Cardigan from J.Crew ($60)

Emma's favorite shoes:

Spencer Patent-Trimmed Crackle-Metallic Mary Janes from J.Crew

Sadly, these beauties are no longer available, but you might find a pair on eBay!


Angela said...

The Cloey dress did come in the purple colorway--I remember seeing it on sale this winter. Hope that helps!

Nicolle said...

Good job Danielle, I didn't even think of the dress version! This is probably my favorite Emma outfit EVER! Also how cute was Will in this scene, polishing her shoes for her! Awwww

Nikki Cogg said...

Soooo gorgeous! That was definitely my favorite outfit. My husband even commented on it (he doesn't like her clothes and definitely didn't like this outfit.. but he knew I was internally dying over it) And I was so eager to see her favorite shoes after she mentioned them! I want this dress, I just adore the navy blue version that you featured! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... I'm jumping up and down. I love the dress!!! Jayma looks good in a paper bag, but I think this is my favorite outfit so far. Thank you so much for finding the dress. I love the shoes too. I'm going to search on ebay. Was wondering why she wasn't wearing that famous gold watch. I guess she traded them in for the gold shoes.

Danielle said...

LOVE the shoes!