Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Emma Pillsbury Style - Get The Look - Brushstroke Cardigan

Emma's cardigan in this scene... from Target! My girl Nicolle recognized it right away, of course! She is amazing!

Image from

This cardigan can't be found on the Target website, which means it's either out of season, or hasn't been listed yet.

I love that Lou is shopping Target more and more for Emma's clothes. Achieving Emma's style can be affordable! Thank you, Lou!

More affordable brushstroke cardigans:

Merona Women's Elbow Sleeve Cardigan Sweater in Purple Floral
from Target ($20)
Merona Collection Women's Floral Print Cardigan Sweater in Multicolor from Target ($30)
Merona Women's Elbow Sleeve Cardigan Sweater in Black Floral from Target ($20)

Merona Petites Printed Cardigan Sweater in Loganberry
from Target ($8.75)
Jones New York Winter Floral Crew Neck Cardigan ($49)
Brushwork Blooms Cardigan from Anthropologie ($30)


Maria said...

What about her purple nightie? it was soooo cute!

AmyB said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! I had no idea, it's like the Target gods were channeling my inner Target cardi inventory (done weekly by the way) and rewarding my persistence.

Anonymous said...

Yay Target!!! I will search for this. I've been searching for the yellow dress too, but no luck. Does anyone know if it's still available?

Liz H. said...

Thank God that Lou is shopping at Target! I mean I love Kate Spade, but she isn't really affordable.

To Anonymous: I know that the yellow dress was no longer available on the site. You may be able to find it on clearance.


Teresa said...

LOVE the Target finds!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Liz H. I will search the sales clearance section at Target. Wish me luck! :-)