Friday, April 2, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - Cashmere Bouquet Cardigan

It's Fashion Challenge City lately here on WWEPW! I can't get enough of the fabulous looks you create, so I'm perfectly okay with that!

Judging with me this week is Rachel from GleeHab. Rachel and I have determined that we are the same person, living in some kind of Lost or Doctor Who-ish parallel universe. You know - wibbly wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.

Joining us is regular WWEPW reader and commenter Teresa! Teresa holds a special place in my heart because a) she is hysterically funny, b) she loves Glee as much as I do, and c) she's a substitute teacher. No one works harder or more thanklessly than a substitute teacher. Teresa walks through the doors of unfamiliar classrooms each day, faces dozens of unfamiliar faces, and keeps kids from going bonkers AND learning when the regular teacher cannot be there.

Teresa's blog, Ellemennoppee is a chronicle of her days as a sub, and it's hilarious and touching all at once. Beneath the humor, it's clear that Teresa is incredibly dedicated to her work as an educator, and that she loves the kids whose sole job in life is to drive her batty every day. Subscribe. Bookmark. Don't miss an entry.

On to the Cashmere Bouquet, and I'm not talking about soap!

This week we had a record number of submissions and lots of new participants. Welcome, new WWEPWers! We chose four favorites this week instead of three:

Celeste's Look

Because if there's anything this world needs right now, it's black, pink, and white! Also, polka dots!

Tiffany Rose's Look

Oh, these spring colors are so happy! If Will gave Emma those conversation hearts, she would totally scrapbook them.

Julia's Look

Get between me and that dress and I WILL CUT YOU.

beepbeepmo's Look

LOVEY LOVE LOVE the casual-to-dressy presentation!

Fret not, there are still so many more amazing looks to see!

WWEPW's Look

Oh hai, coat. I can haz you.

Nipsy's Look

The starfish earrings, folks! The starfish earrings!

Kate's Look

Oh so much pretty in one place.

Ellie's Look

No, no. I don't need groceries this month. But I do need those shoes.

Mary's Look

Ballet flats are truly a must-have.

Amarantine's Look

Pink and orange is one of the greatest and most underused color combinations!

Glenda's Look

TULIPALOOZA! Glenda, you're a genius!

Audrey's Look

I am loving the blush colors under the pink cardi. And that RING. Swoon!

Jessica's Look

Love the new J.Crew skirt in this set!

Old Soul's Look

Pink and green! Now we're talking! *pulls out my dog-eared copy of The Preppy Handbook for old-times sake*

Nina's Look

How many times can I "like" this set on Polyvore? Because it's not enough.

Meg's Look

I want this entire outfit, in my closet, right the heck now.

Andley's Look

Teresa would like you to know, Andley, that you WIN AT LIFE because of that gnome.

Jesslyn's Look

The tulip skirt is faboo!

Nicolle's Look

Nicolle, can you just come to my house every morning and pick out my clothes for me? You put together the most delicious outfits!

Mrs. M's Look

Pink + salmon = irresistible.

Jen's Look

I just bought a pink cardi last week, and now I MUST wear it with jeans, a gray shirt and these SHOES. You're paying my credit card bill this month, Jen! Any spending I do will be your fault!

Hailey's Look

The trench and beret are fantabulous!

Moni's Look

Moni and Kate - great minds!

Lori's Look

Love the sherbet colors, Lori!

Emma's Look

Everyone chant! Sweater clips! Sweater clips!

Amy B's Look

Girl, you are speaking my language with that handbag.

Erin's Look

If you do not procure that skirt for me, I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty cat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat, and then, on some dark, cold night, I will steal away into your home and punch you in the face.

Bruna's Look


The Gleek Spot's Look


Kari's Look

*wakes up, looks at this set, and faints again*

Heather's Look

Heather, there are no words for how incredible this look is. You had me at "umbrella."

Whew! Congratulations to Celeste, Tiffany Rose, Julia, and beepbeepmo for winning this week's Fashion Challenge, and thanks to everyone who entered!

Big thanks as always to Rachel from GleeHab and our guest judge Teresa for judging this incredibly difficult challenge!

Which were your favorites?


nicolle said...

SOOOOOOOO impressed this week! I have this cardi and have gotten so many good ideas with this week's challenge! Also LOVE the Eliza J dress from Julia's set, I saw it at a few weeks ago and almost bought it but they were out of my size :(

Andie said...

HA! I had that gnome saved and was just waiting for the perfect excuse to use it!

So many great sets! Have a great holiday everybody!

Andie L

Teresa said...

Judging was difficult!! So many adorable pieces! But I had a blast! Thanks so much Danielle!

And keep up the amazing work!