Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Countdown Fashion Challenge - Throwdown

Emma may not have been in this episode, but that didn't stop WWEPWers from creating amazing outfits for today's countdown challenge! Lots of us were inspired by this number when creating looks for Throwdown!

WWEPW's Look

Jen's Look

Amy B's Look

Erin's Look

Meg's Look

Celeste's Look

Ellie's Look

Mrs. M's Look

Suzie's Look

Rachel's Look

Kari's Look

With these fabulous looks, I leave you with one word from Throwdown.



AmyB said...

Whoops Danielle, you doubled Jen's look as mine. Not that I mind, it's sooooo cute!!

Tracy said...

LOVE this! Did my own version over on my site. :) Totally loving your blog!

Danielle said...

Whoopsie! Thanks, Amy! Fixed!

Tracy, LOVE IT!!!

Sarah said...

I want Meg's whole look, which I would then wear every day.

Jen's shoes are crazy awesome, love Erin's bag and Rachel's evening purse, and Ellie's Valentino's are killer.

And Kari's whole set is just adorable. I want those shoes!