Saturday, April 3, 2010

Countdown Fashion Challenge - Preggers

Yes we cane!


WWEPW's Look

Suzie's Look

Amy B's Look

Meg's Look


WWEPW's Look

Mrs. M's Look

Old Soul's Look

Erin's Look

Rachel's Look

Ellie's Look

Meg's Look

Nina's Look

Nicolle's Look

Celeste's Look

Kari's Look

Emma and the Amazing Technicolor Trenchcoats!

Which are your favorites?


Teresa said...

Nicolle, I love your style!

Danielle, I adore that cardigan and those shoes in the first set!

Sarah said...

Adore Ellie's pink and periwinkle set, as well as Old Soul's yellow and black.

I especially love the varying shades of pink in Ellie's, and I once saw those Louboutins in person; the color is just so incredible!