Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - Penelope Mary Jane Pumps

Is there anything more satisfying than an extraordinary pair of shoes? This week you're going to be treated to one such pair in two colors, styled in some really unique and diverse ways!

Judging with me this week as usual is Rachel from GleeHab, who recently expanded her terrific site in Spanish!

Our special guest judge is Alix, who writes one of my favorite websites, The TV Chick. Alix's site is a must-read for die-hard TV watchers like myself. She features recaps and news, stellar interviews and fantastic giveaways. (I know how fantastic they are because I won one myself!)

Alix is part of The Gleekdom, our network of Glee fan sites, and we're lucky to have her because she offers such a broad spectrum of great information and insight. To keep up with The TV Chick, visit her website, or follow The TV Chick on Twitter!

Here come the shoes! Rachel, Alix and I have chosen these three looks as our favorites for this week's challenge:

Erin's Look

We loved the idea of a nighttime look for these shoes. What's better than a pair of pumps that can easily transition from day to night like this? Emma could chaperone the prom (with Will, of course) in this look. I just hope she's a better dancer than Elaine from Seinfeld...

Visit Erin's blog Glee Dork to find out more about her book Don't Stop Believin' - The Unofficial Guide to Glee! written with Suzie Gardner of Gleeks United. It will be available in stores in Fall, 2010!

Weeds' Look

When we saw that top, we were instantly sold. And the skinny bow belt? Swoon!

Dina's Look

We have a massive crush on Dina's style. We're going to bake it cookies and send it Hallmark cards. All three of us are changing our facebooks to say "In A Relationship With Dina's Style."

Make sure you're sitting down, because you're going to faint when you see the rest of this week's looks!

WWEPW's Look

I fell in love with this blouse the second I saw it.

Meg's Look

Love love love the way Meg played with patterns!

Liz's Look

I really love the combination of black and navy. This outfits makes me love it even more. (I've discovered recently that Liz is absolutely hilarious and fun to talk to. Follow Liz on Twitter to see what I mean...)

Emma's Look

If I owned that coat, I think I would wear it 24/7. Sleep in it...shower in it... Clearly someone who writes a blog called Gleeklopedia knows how to style a pair of Emma Pillsbury's shoes.

Zyerna's Look

I love the vintage Parisian feel of this look!

Celeste's Look

A sweet outfit for a Sunday outing!

Mrs. M's Look

Mrs. M brings an air of sophistication to every outfit she creates. In her blog, At Home With Mrs. M!, she oozes style.

Weeds' Look

Welcome to the Fashion Challenge, Weeds! Weeds' Polyvore page is teeming with incredible outfits like this one. I peeked at them yesterday and wanted to put every single look she created with the PMJs in this post!

Chance's Look

Yes! Chance represents men with style! I would wear that yellow coat in a millisecond! Way to bust through the curtain, Chance! Like Liz, Chance is warm, friendly and hilarious. He's one of my favorite twitterers, so follow him!

WWEPW's Look

I love this Juicy Couture skirt that Emma wears in Showmance and Acafellas. I've always imagined it paired with a sunny yellow, and the PMJs seemed the perfect shoe for the look.

Meg's Look

Yay, jeans! Jeans look, hooray!

Liz's Look

I could easily make this the exclusive color palette of my wardrobe.

Zyerna's Look

The perfect outfit for a rainy shopping day!

Celeste's Look

The outfit is fabulous, but THE GRAPES ARE BRILLIANT! Grapes FTW!

Tiffany Rose's Look

Shiny things! I love shiny things! Such a gorgeous choice for the top.

Mrs. M's Look

Of all the outfits in this week's challenge, this one fits my own personal style most closely. I have a feeling Mrs. M and I would be great friends who should never be allowed to go shopping together due to risk of bankruptcy.

Nina's Look

The color combinations of Nina's two looks are absolutely spectacular. I'd pledge a vow of silence until I get that navy blue jacket, but I have a feeling that would be an incentive for everyone I know to make sure it never enters my possession.

Thanks to everyone for another great Fashion Challenge and for doing Emma's signature shoes justice! Congratulations to Erin, Weeds and Dina for creating this week's favorite looks!

Special thanks to Rachel from GleeHab and Alix, The TV Chick, for judging this week's challenge!

I'll leave you with two questions: Which looks are your favorites? Which of Emma's garments would you like to see in the next WWEPW Fashion Challenge?


Teresa said...

OMG so many cute things but Bows Aplenty by Weeds is TO DIE FOR!!!

Erin said...


And the casual looks. I doubt Emma would wear jeans though. Khaki capris, maybe, but jeans? Not sure. Love the looks though.

Danielle said...

Oopsie, I just realized I forgot to add my own looks! Just updated the blog and included them! I got so caught up in everyone else's great looks I neglected my own!

Mrs M said...

A transatlantic shopping trip? I'm there!

Loving all the looks this week, particularly Weed's.

Such a talented bunch!

AmyJo said...

A spectacular showing by everyone!
It is now confirmed, PMJ's go with everything....

dinagideon said...

Well since my blog has a crush on all three of your blogs, then I guess the feelings are very much mutual. ;)

Great, great looks. Swoon!

Jaimie said...

Wow! I'm definitely glad I was sitting down. These looks were all so aweseome. I don't know how you were able to judge, though I must say you probably did pick my 3 faves as well. I'm so glad I found this site...I'm learning so much from all you talented people. Hopefully I'll start building a much more fashionable wardrobe soon! :)

Emma said...

Those are awesome. I love the evening wear idea from Erin!!!!