Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fashion Challenge 2.0 - Rachel

Where has the time gone? I totally missed this week's regular Fashion Challenge! All this "real-life" stuff is really interfering with my WWEPW blogging. Where is my book deal with an advance, I ask you? WHERE?

I think this is a good time to look at some of the incredible looks you submitted for the Rachel portion of Fashion Challenge 2.0!

Alexis' Look

Gold stars! West Side Story karaoke! Knee socks! Way to start the show, Alexis!

Erin's Look

I'd like to see these springy colors on Rachel!

Meg's Look

Plaid skirt? Check. Wooly tights? Check. Loafers? Check!

Celeste's Look

I imagine that little hearts on the bracelet represent how much Rachel loves herself.

Andley's Look

You just know that if Rachel threw a tantrum of epic proportions, her dads would totally buy her that Burberry skirt.

Mrs. M's Look

I adore Mrs.M for her amazing blog, (check out her most recent Gleekery!) but now I have another reason - her fashion sense! We must have had a mind meld, because...

WWEPW's Look

We both chose this skirt for Rachel! Yay!

Jen's Look

Attention! Attention! Tights with stars! I repeat! Tights! With STARS!

Kellie's Look

That sweater has Rachel Berry written ALL over it!

Kellie's Look

The skirt reminds me a lot of the one Rachel wore for "Push It!" Good choice!

Nina's Look

Love this! I could see Rachel mixing and matching a lot of these pieces to create the illusion of a much larger wardrobe!

Evs' Look

The perfect outfit for Rachel's bowling "date" with Finn!

HOORAY! You've done it again, WWEPWers! The creativity here is astounding! *wipes away tears* Thank you for submitting so many great looks and for making the Rachel challenge so much fun! Which one is YOUR favorite?

If you love Rachel's style, please visit the lovely Dana at for some of the exact looks Rachel wore on the show, like the oh-so-special Horse Sweater!

It's not too late to send in more looks for Fashion Challenge 2.0. We've still got a lot of characters to go, so feel free to send more if you feel inspired!

"You're very talented. I would know, I'm very talented too."


Teresa said...

WOW! I really like Erin's set, I just love bold, bright colors. But there is so much cute in all the sets! The stars tights! The adorable heart sweater in Kellie's set caught my eye too!

Danielle said...

I think everyone has succesfully captured the dorky adorableness of the Rachel Berry we all know and love!

Mrs M said...

I love all of them! I especially love Kellie's look.

Thanks for featuring mine again - how amazingly funny that we both chose the same skirt - what were the chances of that?!

AmyJo said...

I love them all. Is it wrong that I really want those tights with stars?

Erin said...

I love Kellie's look. It's not Rachel now, but maybe Rachel as a senior. And those star star tights Jen picked? The best!

I love these challenges!!!!!

Angela said...

In Ev's look, where is that blue vest with the gold buttons from? I love it!

Sarah said...

Ha! My 15-year-old sister has the pink phone from the first one; very fitting, as they're both singing drama queens! :)