Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jayma Mays and the Glee Cast at the 2009 SAG Awards

And the award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series goes to...


Congratulations to the entire cast!

Next time try to remember to personally thank me.

Let's move on to the most important thing about last night, the fashion. Where the Golden Globes fashion seemed muted and subdued, the SAG Awards were all about color. Starting, of course, with Jayma Mays:

Love the color. Love the blue beaded waistline and blue earrings against the tomato-red of the dress. The bodice of that dress looks a bit too stiff, though.

Hair and makeup are fabulous. She's always glowing.

Both Jayma and Jessalyn Gilsig look gorgeous in this picture. I want to hate them. I really do. But I can't. Speaking of Jessalyn...

GOR.GEOUS. Everything that was wrong about her Golden Globes dress is right with this gown. That is how you pose a mermaid dress, sister. Work it.

I love that people didn't overdo it with the jewelry. No one got out of control with the borrowed bling, which I thought was perfect for this event. Lea Michele may be getting all the attention in the press for her dress, but for me, Jessalyn really stole the spotlight. Still, Lea's Catherine Malandrino dress was pretty amazing.

When I first saw her I was all, "Well, she may be at the SAGs but she definitely doesn't have the sags." Way to put the girls out there, honey! If I were 24 and had her figure, I'd show up naked.

Stunning. She has the best hair in Hollywood, if you ask me. I don't know if they're extensions, and I don't care, her hair is killer. (I love what Tom & Lorenzo of Project Rungay had to say about her look.)

Dianna Agron is wearing Edition by Georges Chakra.

Just beautiful.

Finally! A red carpet photo of the gorgeous Amber Riley! As a gown, this dress would be just so-so, but this length and silhouette are absolutely perfect on her.

Jane Lynch looks beautiful in a rich royal blue Ali Rahimi gown.

Naya Rivera's hair and skin looks spectacular against the soft buttery yellow of her gown. Heather Morris looks so young and fresh in daffodil yellow ruffles.

I have to be honest, I don't love this dress. Jenna Ushkowitz looked amazing in yellow at the Golden Globes, but this dress looks like something I could buy off the rack at Macy's. Not crazy about her eye makeup, either. Her hair looks beautiful.

Great smiles.

Iqbal! Iqbal! Iqbal!

Let's check out what the other guys were wearing.

Handsome doesn't even begin to describe Cory Monteith. If I weren't old enough to be his mother, I'd be all, "OMGHOTTIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!1111!!!!" right now.

Cory's jacket has some interesting stitching on the lapel. I kinda like it.

YES! Josh Sussman! I love this kid. I just want to bounce my hand off his hair.

There's my favorite guy, Chris Colfer, looking dapper as can be.

Is Mark Salling wearing Ryan Murphy's suit from the Golden Globes? Different lapels, but close.


Nice to see Harry Shum getting some Red Carpet attention... well as Dijon Talton.

On the right: fashion DO.
On the left: fashion DON'T.

Oh, Justin. Justin, Justin, Justin.


Emma said...

Love the comment about Josh Sussman. He does have bouncy hair...

Natalie said...

I have a question to ask...can Jayma Mays get any more gorgeous? And Jessalyn Gilsig was absolutely stunning! Both my ladies did me proud!

Teresa said...

LOVED Jayma's dress!! She looked STUNNING!

And Jessalyn, too! I wasn't a fan of her GG dress but WOWZA!

Loved the color and cut of Lea's dress, but something about Dianna's reminds me of opening curtains, lol. She looks great, totally---idk what it is but that's all I think about with that top. I really loved her GG ensemble.

And YES!! IQBAL! IQBAL! Loved that the supporting cast was there and was recognized!!! WOOT!

Staley Mc said...

I loved Jayma's dress. So pretty. Jessalyn as well, she looked amazing in that dress.

Rachel K said...

On the right: Rachel Do! hehehe

LOVED all your insight and totally always.

Tracie said...

I was watching The Fashion Police and they completely hated on Jayma's dress.

Danielle said...

Tracie, did they happen to say who designed it?

Tracie said...

I think they said it was Bagley Mishka dress.

Teresa said...

Tracie---why did they hate it? Color/style?

Tracie said...

They didn't like the color of it at all and said it fit her poorly in the top area. Of course this coming from Joan Rivers give me a break.

lizer1994 said...

Joan Rivers reminds me of one of those old women who are about to go to BINGO night at the local town hall. They get all 'glitzed' up in shiny gold and crazy jewelry...scary I know.

ANYWAYS... I loved Jay's dress soo much, especially the embroidery! Jess's dress was perfect and I loved Lea's too!

Sarahnargle said...

I want to live in Lea Michelle' dress; I would just wear it about the house, doing dishes, etc.... :)