Thursday, January 21, 2010

Would Emma Wear It? - Budget Cardis

Michelle writes: "I am a huge fan of Glee and of your website. While I adore the fact that you find (to practically a T) most of Emma's wardrobe, I really really appreciated the post you had about more affordable clothes from Target that still channeled the Emma Pillsbury look. I was just looking through what Old Navy had for this spring season, and I think that some cardigans they have would be great for another edition of the affordable version of Emma Pillsbury."

I couldn't agree more, Michelle! I put Michelle's four favorite cardigans together:

Clockwise from top left:
Cropped Rosette Cardigan
Origami Applique Cardigan
Flower Applique Cardigan
Ruffle Neck Cardigan

Best of all, these sweaters come in lots of pretty spring colors and each one is only $26.50!

Thanks, Michelle - you definitely know how to shop Emma's look on a budget!


cupidoll said...

wow ... cute cardis! i really like the flower applique one :) time to visit old navy (although i'm usually disappointed w/ the fabric quality)

Tracie said...

I got the 2nd one with origami collar in a coral color. Very nice cardigan and very Emma like.

AmyJo said...

These are great. Sometimes I would rather get 4 or five cheapy cardi's that I can mix and match with more outfits rather than blow all my cash on a really expensive cardi that may not be as versatile. Sure you get better quality the more you pay, but I wear a cardi everyday (it really is a sickness) so I wear them out very quickly and I can't be going to Anthropologie all the time (even though I really want to) because frankly my husband would divorce me....:P

Teresa said...

Love them! Especially the lime green one. Perfect for a teacher budget, since J. Crew is generally not on the radar. :P

Danielle said...

Totally agree! Why spend a ton of money on just one cardi when you can get a bunch of them for the same price?

Rachel said...

I love those cardis. I hope to find some short sleeved cardi that are similar as spring approaches. I live in the hot south and even 3/4 sleeve are too hot then.