Monday, January 18, 2010

Jayma Mays and the Glee Cast at the 2009 Golden Globes

"Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press and Miss Barbra Streisand." -Ryan Murphy

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Glee for winning the 2010 Golden Globe Award for Best Comedy Television Series!

What was everyone wearing? Let's take a look.

Jayma stepped out in a black-and-white Badgley Mischka gown.

Drape a grocery sack on this woman, and she'd still look good.

I especially love the back of the bodice.

Jane Lynch was robbed everywhere but the dress department last night. She looks amazing in olive green.

WOW. Atta girl, Lea. Glad to see she didn't pull the typical, "I'm a tiny young thing, so I'll wear a short, flared dress." Girlfriend was all, "I'm nominated and I AM putting on some Oscar de la Renta. BRING ME SOME CHOPARD!" Love her.

Hi, this is what glamorous looks like. The Grecian goddess look completely works for Dianna. Hair and makeup are perfection.

I cannot tell a lie. I love Jessalyn but I'm not crazy about this dress at all. I have a feeling it was stunning in person. OH, I KNOW. How about I just tag along at the next awards show and see for myself?

Thank you Jenna for wearing some color! There were fewer bright dresses on the red carpet this year, but Jenna looks beautiful in sunny yellow.

Let's not forget the guys!

Very nice, gentlemen. Very nice. I'm loving the pocket squares that are turning up on so many guys this year.

More of the cast:

Amber Riley looks stunning. Dear photographers, you suck for not taking more pictures of this gorgeous girl. Look at her! She's beautiful!

Only Ryan Murphy could get away with that suit. And that pose. J'adore.

Check out this video of the Glee cast, following their win, via The Insider. Jayma is hilarious.

Glee Cast Celebrates Golden Globe Win with a Song

Bring on the back 9 and Season 2!


Rachel K said...

"Step Off, hey now, Step Off!" Love love love her!

lizer1994 said...

haha Step Off is now my new catch phrase :D haha You could drape dead kittens on Jay and she would look graceful and perfect as always! :D haha

Charlotte said...

Oh my, Artie looks handsome! *sigh* he's my favorite... *giggle*
I love his bow tie =]

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for Chris Colfer to look even younger? I want to put him in a bubble.

Teresa said...

Jessalyn is beautiful but that dress did nothing for her boobs. Eek.

Jayma looked like A-AMAZING. Flawless to the core. What a great choice in dress for her---and her hair was gorgeous, too.

Loved Dianna's gown and hair---she's always ethereal.

Lea's gown was a bit much, in my opinion. The bottom was was very Rachel Berry "look at meeeee".

Jenna's gown was awesome, and I love that color on her.

The guys looked wonderful--especially Matt. And Cory. And Chris, too. Hell, all of them.