Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Channeling Emma - Nicolle

Regular reader and commenter Nicolle writes: "When I first started watching Glee I was immediately infatuated with Emma's wardrobe! My personal style is so similar to hers so I love watching the show to get some inspiration."

I'll say! Nicolle is absolutely darling in every single one of these outfits! Take a look!

Nicolle calls this her "pre-decontamination-shower look." Love it! Her skirt and blouse are by Tommy Hilfiger, and the green cardigan is by Joe Fresh. She's even wearing the exact vintage owl sweater guard from "Showmance!" That's what I call dedication, folks.

Inspired by Emma's post-decontamination-shower outfit from "The Rhodes Not Taken," Nicolle pairs the Honeyed Peplum Skirt by Leifsdottir with a bow-front blouse from H&M and a military cardi by Kersh. I actually like Nicolle's inspiration look better than the original! (Don't tell Lou...)

YES! I was so glad when Nicolle told me she acquired the spring green Milly sweater from "Showmance" because I knew it would look fantastic on her...and it certainly does!

Raise your hand if you want to see more of Nicolle's looks in the future...I know I do. Thanks, Nicolle, for sharing your fabulous Emma-inspired style with us!


Danielle said...

I completely and totally want Nicolle to be my daughter.

Erin said...

love love love Nicolle' yellow skirt blue cardigan look. an awesome twist on emma's original!

Teresa said...

She looks awesome! I LOVE that green Milly sweater!!

Tracie said...

Nicely done!

LyddieGal said...

Her looks are spot on and fabulous!
I would certainly look forward to seeing more!

AmyJo said...


Jill said...

Looks good. I admire her for going for it. I came _this_ close to getting that Milly sweater on ebay, but backed away at the last minute. Maybe I'll be inspired to go for it next time. : )

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog the other day and have finally read all the posts. LOVE it! And I love Nicolle's looks!

Thanks so much for doing this! What great inspiration!


Emma said...

So perfect! I love it! It's so cool that she has some of the exact pieces.

Tanya said...

I love that owl sweater guard, did she mention where she bought it?

Liz said...

These looks are fabulous! I love that someone else has the yellow Leifsdottir skirt :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone! I had a lot of fun putting these together! And Tanya, I bought the sweater guard on eBay a few months ago!

zyzzyva said...

I love that Milly sweater so much! :D This reminds me that I still haven't gotten to wear my Honeyed Peplum skirt... *planning outfit for tomorrow...*

Just wanted to let people know that the same owl sweater guard is up on eBay now, ending Feb 4th:

Vintage OWLS Sweater Chain Guard Clip
ID: 270522776202

Good luck!

zyzzyva said...

The Limited has a nearly-identical knock-off of the military-style Tracy Reese cardigan right now.

Frog Closure Cardigan

zyzzyva said...

One more owl sweater guard on eBay (this time paired with another guard):

Vintage 2 Sweater Clips Figural OWLS + Black Glass
ID 350316611269

Ends Feb 19, 7:08pm PST

Leigh said...

I have so many feelings about this, many of respect, but many of envy. I love this girl's collection! :D