Monday, December 7, 2009

Emma Pillsbury Fashion ID - Tibi Print Skirt

It's a bit ridiculous how excited I get when I finally find one of Emma's garments. From Vitamin D, the taupe, black and yellow print skirt. LOVE. (The cardi isn't the one from the show, but it's close. And affordable.)

Items in this set:
H81, $23
TIBI Calligraphy Skirt, $223

Someone talk me out of buying this skirt. Please.


zyzzyva said...

Great find!
I'll go add this one to the Coolspotters page. :D

Oh and the cardigan is another J. Crew Jackie cardigan in Desert Brown (in a close-up shot, you can see the top two, close-together buttons).

Here's a Polyvore pic of the exact cardigan:
Desert Brown Jackie

Angela said...

ohhh nice skirt! Thanks!

Ivy said...

great outfit! Oh man I want so muchof what you post - seriously great finds!

Nicolle said...

Oh its so adorable! One of my favourite Emma skirts, I wish it came in my size!!!

Anonymous said...

I would only want to talk you out of buying it so I could get it myself!!!!