Sunday, October 25, 2009

Emma Pillsbury Style - Get The Look - Floral Applique Cardigans

Emma has so many great looks in every episode, it seems a shame to lump them all together in one "Get the Look" post. I think it's time to dedicate one "Get the Look" post to each of Emma's outfits.

The peachy-pink cardi in this episode is definitely from J. Crew, but like so many of Emma's clothes, they're already out of stock by the time the show airs. I could probably make some cute floral appliques myself, but buying one of these would be a lot easier.

Antique-Button Flower Cardigan from New York & Company

Caslon Flower Applique Cardigan at Nordstrom

Planet Corsage Cardigan at John Lewis

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Tracie said...

I have several of the ones from NY and Company and they are very cute and reasonably priced. Right now they have a buy one get one 50% off. Still cheaper than J Crew.