Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - Trampoline Skirt

Emma wears the Trampoline Skirt with a simple white sweater with a Peter Pan collar during The Big Confrontation with Terri. You have paired it with some really amazing things, WWEPWers.

Judging as always, is Rachel from GleeHab. If you haven't bookmarked, followed, or subscribed to her site by now, you must. Rachel has the most amazing collection of Glee news, information, and pictures. I don't know how she does it (I suspect the woman is NYC personified and never sleeps) but her updates are always the first ones out there. Follow @GleeHabSite on Twitter for links to her latest articles!

Joining us this week is the lovely Emma from Gleeklopedia!

Emma has all sorts of gleekery going on at her site! My favorite quote, in her post about the Glee tour: "I will be getting tickets to this if I have to buy them from a scalper for a price so high my Emma Pillsbury shoe budget becomes non-existent." Ha!

Our favorite looks this week:

Amarantine's Look

This is Amarantine's first entry and I'm already in love with her style! Loooove the tomato red with this skirt!

Amy B's Look

Oh, Amy. You're a girl after my own heart. I studied in France when I was in college. Too bad I didn't know about Emma back then or I would have pranced all around that fine country looking like this, instead of looking like a hobo.

Meg's Look

There is something about a plunging neckline on a sweater with a buttoned-up blouse that I can't refuse. And that necklace? Swoon.

We certainly had a hard time choosing three favorites this week. Check out why:

WWEPW's Look


Celeste's Look

Those shoes are faaaaaaaabulous.

Ellie's Look

A cropped sweater is perfect with this skirt! Ellie has been sending in lots of fabulous looks for the Countdown Challenge, and her commentary is beyond hilarious. Ellie, let's do lunch.

Mary's Look

One of my all-time favorite bracelets! A perfect choice with this skirt.

Jessica S' Look

I am absolutely head-over-heels for that little cardi and that yellow coat.

Nina's Look

I really love the robin's egg color with this skirt. Nicely done, Nina!

Audrey's Look

Ooooh. Audrey wins the Totally Unexpected Color AND I LOVE IT award with this outfit!

karebear's Look

Love the simple white top, and the daisy is absolutely adorable!

Mrs. M's Look

I think Mrs. M could make a burlap sack look classy!

Liz's Look

The pink nailpolish is fantastic! And I love the choice of royal blue with this skirt.

Suzie's Look

Pops of color in accents and accessories = YES PLEASE.

Jessica F's Look

Yay, another unexpected color to love!

Rachel's Look

Simple and pretty - love the embellished sweater with this skirt!

Erin's Look

AWESOME use of neutrals.

Jen's Look


Andley's Look

I can absolutely picture this outfit in real life, and now I WANT IT.

Lori's Look

LOVE the PMJs with this outfit!

Catherine's Look

Welcome to the WWEPW Fashion Challenge, Catherine! Love the blue-hued look, and the accessories you chose are gorgeous!

Yonit's Look

Oh, there's so much to look at and to love, here! The outfits are fantastic, and OMG THAT TEAPOT!

A wonderful Fashion Challenge this week, everyone! Congratulations to Amarantine, Amy B, and Meg for providing this week's favorites, and thanks to everyone who entered such faboo looks!

Special thanks to Rachel from GleeHab and Emma from Gleeklopedia for judging this week's Fashion Challenge!

So which one is your favorite?


Teresa said...

SO MANY AMAZING THINGS! It's like a feast for my eyes! I love Erin's look, especially those shoes (cuuuute!) and the cardigan on WWEPW's set with the fish makes me want to raid my nieces lunchbox and steal her little goldfish crackers. Again.

I love the red splashes in Amarantine's look: just totally ties the skirt together and brings the whole ensemble together.

And the green shoes in Jessica F's look are ADORB. (when I say that aloud it annoys my sister to no end) ADORB!!

Great job everyone! (and this concludes my novel) :P

Erin said...

All these looks are great! I especially like Amy B's look, The coat in Jessica S's look and Audrey's look!

Good job everyone!

Amy Berra said...

I must have the Fishie sweater!!
And the yellow coat in Jessica S' look...OMG. want. it. now. pretty. please.

Mrs. R said...

OMG!! I love this site. Jessica S's look killed it!! Love it!!

Emma said...

Thanks so much for letting me guest judge!!!!! Check out my post about the awesomeness of this website.

Denise said...

Gotta go with Amy B and Lori's as well as WWEPW...these are fab!

Celeste said...

Haha! I was THIS CLOSE to using the exact cardi in Jessica S's look! ... and then I changed my mind :P

Sarahnargle said...

Love Jessica S's look, especially those shoes and the insane yellow trenchcoat. Also, the gloves from Amarantine's? The perfect touch for Emma: stylish and sanitary!

Unknown said...

I would never have thought of so many different outfits for this skirt. I'm impressed. I love the fish cardigan. The yellow coat is beautiful, as are the yellow shoes with the black heart! Very cute.