Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fashion Challenge Results - Abstract Lattice Pencil Skirt

Hmph. You people get an UNSATISFACTORY on the "follows directions" portion of your report cards, because I thought I was clear about asking for some UGLY OUTFITS this week to give the judges a little break. Where were the ugly outfits, hmmmm? NOWHERE.

This week, Rachel of and I were joined by our good friend Suzie, who writes the fabulous blog Gleeks United.

Suzie has just started a brand-new feature on her blog - Music Monday - where she features songs that would be great additions to upcoming episodes of Glee. Be sure to check it out!

And now, all the non-ugly outfits you made AGAIN.

This week, our three favorite looks belong to:

Mrs. M.

We all needed bibs after looking at this set. Regular readers of Mrs. M's blog At Home With Mrs. M! know that she is no stranger to great style. Check out her incredible recipe collection!

Meg's Look

We loved how the sunny yellow popped against the neutrals in the look. Also, OWLS.

Jessica's Look

Suzie said it best: "This is monochrome at its finest!" We all swooned over the polka-dot purse!

Yay Mrs. M, Meg, and Jess!

Now for some more gorgeous looks!

WWEPW's Look

Looks like Nicolle and I had a similar idea about color palettes for this skirt! That's why I love my 'virtual daughter!'

Lori's Look

Bwah! Love this title! Suzie wants this necklace, stat!

Celeste's Look

We especially loved the pretty braceletes in this set! Suzie thought the bow bracelet was particularly Emma-worthy!

Emma's Look

FABULOUS color combination! Don't stop believin' in that purple trench! Visit Emma's website Gleeklopedia for more fabulous gleekery!

Bloomie's Look

Want. Purse. Now.

Zyerna's Look

Zyerna was determined to use these shoes that she'd saved in her favorites, and we can't think of a more perfect look for them.

Stefani's Look

Suzie loved the inclusion of the book and wondered, "Great Expectations, eh? Does Emma have "great expectations" about a relationship with Will, perhaps?" As for Stefani's blog Je t'aime, Anthropologie, J'adore!

Nicolle's Look

Oh, Nicolle, you can do no wrong. The shoes are perfect.

Liz's Look

Suzie loved the splash of blue in the shoes. I couldn't agree more. And just WAIT until you see what Liz has coming up in the Fashion Challenge 2.0. I'm dedicating an entire blog post just to her... In the meantime, keep up with Liz here on Tumblr.

Amy J's Look

Is there anything better than a cardigan with the perfect belt? Nope.

Dee's Look

Dee, you're wonderful! We could totally see Emma wearing that lovely blouse.

Jen's Look

Jen has an amazing sense of color, doesn't she? I bought a corkscrew scarf recently from her Etsy shop Mimi & Boo, and I have gotten more compliments on it than anything else I've worn in the last decade.

Liz's Look

Oooooh! LOVE the combination of brown, red and aqua!

Tiffany Rose's Look

Suzie laments, "I want to wear those shoes. Right now. If only it wasn't snowy and gross outside. :(" Agreed. Also we want to marry that beautiful salmon color.

SweetArchivia's Look

Gorgeous and classy, just like Sweet Archivia!

Lovelygirly's Look

LOVE the hair accessories! I'd love to see Emma with some baubles in her locks!

Thanks again to everyone who participated in this week's challenge! You all make this blog so much fun! I double checked everyone's emails this week for blog links, but if you didn't include one in yours and would like your blog linked to your look, just let me know, and I'll add it! We've got to share the love, people!

Super thanks to this week's judges Rachel from GleeHab and Suzie from Gleeks United! Be sure to visit their blogs and all of the blogs in The Gleekdom Network, and enter our "Team Finn T-Shirt" and iTunes giveaways!


Anonymous said...

Wow some awesome sets this week!! Must've been a tough choice! I love your set too virtual mom! Great minds think alike!! :)

Meg said...

Oh, so many lovely looks it's hard to believe that I was put in the top three. Really, the only horrible thing about these challenges is that there are so many clothes that I want to own now.

Amy Berra said...

I was so sad not to get to participate this week. Stupid job making me do work.

I love love love Jen's look!!!

Emma said...

I have the sweater from Nicole's look, but in pink!

Teresa said...

WOW! I LOVE Meg's look, and I love the accessories from Celeste's set (omg those bracelets!) And I love the plum cardigan from WWEPW's set...gorgeous!

And so many cute coats!! CUTE COATS EVERYWHERE!

Moi said...

Wow, my first attempt and I made it into the top 3! Whoop!

So much fun!


Glenda said...

Want to hear something funny? I became a fan of Emma Pillsbury's wardrobe through your blog first *before* ever watching an episode of Glee (last night!) I have been enjoying gazing at these outfit sets--so inspiring and creative! Also, I'm usually not a fan of taupe because I thought it was boring, but after looking at this week's contest, I can definitely see that it's not! Thanks for making such a great blog!

Danielle said...

Awww, thank you so much Glenda! This blog is really so much fun to write and I'm so happy you enjoy it! YAY! Thanks for reading! :)

Sarahnargle said...

Bows Before Hos: Greatest Title Ever Written. I DIED.

Unknown said...

The skirt is really beautiful and it the perfect stepping stone. I like several of these looks, mostly the ones with a little more color added. I think Celeste's look is my favorite.