Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ultimate Outfit Tournament II - The Outfits

WWEPWers crowned the Kate Spade Cloey dress and purple cardigan the favorite look of Season 1in the Ultimate Outfit Tournament.

Which of Emma Pillsbury's Season 2 outfits will be this year's winner?

The Contestants:

The Rules:

1. Leave a comment on this post with your prediction for this season's overall winner. Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, May 31 at 6PM EST.

2. On June 1, I'll begin posting random pairings of outfits. The winners of each round will be randomly paired with another winner...and so on and so on, until we narrow it down to the final two. DUN DUN DUN.

So, let's hear from you! Which of Emma's outfits will win the WWEPW Season 2 Ultimate Emma Pillsbury Outfit Tournament?

Friday, May 27, 2011


It's time for our weekly GleeBay update!

New This Week!

Kate Spade Bee Cardigan

Anthropologie Moth Leaf Cardigan

Betsey Johnson Bow Earrings

Forever 21 Floral Cardigan

Target Eyelet Ruffle Dress

Anthropologie Floral Skirt by Tracey Reese
1. Size S

Milly Eyelet Contrast Dress

Kate Spade Theresa Cardigan

Anthropologie Pick a Bunch Cardigan

Kate Spade Bow Cardigan

Anthropologie Fantastic Field Skirt

Anthropologie Pom Flower Shift Dress

Anthropologie Take Action Dress

J.Crew Bouquet Cardigan

Kate Spade Michaeline Cardigan

Kate Spade Josie Dress

Vintage Sarah Coventry Brooch

Anthropologie Precious Particulars Blouse

Kate Spade Josie Dress

TWG Cashmere Cardigan

Anthropologie Beribboned Buds Cardigan

Anthropologie Silk Flower Eglantine Cardigan

Juicy Couture Ruffle Peacoat

Marc Jacobs Polka Dot Jacket

Vintage Lisner Bracelet

Tracy Reese Peppered and Striped Skirt

Anthropologie Precious Materials Cardigan

Juicy Couture Stack Rings

Anthropologie Blueberry Tuft Cardigan

J.Crew Silk Wedding Dress
1. Size 6
5. Size 10

J.Crew Watercolor Floral skirt
1. Size 6

J.Crew Spencer Mary Janes

Anthropologie Clinging Blossoms Cardigan
1. Size M in Pink/Gray

Marc Jacobs Dress

Marc Jacobs Skirt

Marc Jacobs Dress

Anthropologie Harvested Honey Coat

Anthropologie Fei Cord Refined Shirtdress

Anthropologie Walk With Me Dress

Anthropologie Exbury Gardens Cardigan

Antropologie Singing Sweetly Party Dress

Anthropologie Sewing Circle Dress

Julie Brown Strapless Button Dress

Scrapbook Originals Dress

Quinn's Anthropologie Pond Reflections Dress

Anthropologie Stippled Deciduous Corset Dress

ANthropologie Lynx and Leo dress

Anthropologie Study of Shapes Dress

Anthropologie Redux Jacket

Anthropologie De Chelly Dress

Marc Jacobs Link Print Dress

Anthropologie Grasslands Dress by Floreat

Juicy Couture Shift Dress

Let us know if you've won something!
If anyone has questions about eBay, or if you find a Glee clothing item and would like me to add it, you can email me at NicolleGleek (at) gmail (dot) com.
You can also follow me on twitter @NicolleEmily!
Happy bidding!

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